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Speed Learning for Kids

Bill Handley

ISBN: 978-0-730-37719-1 October 2012 Wrightbooks 208 Pages


Proven strategies to help kids learn faster and better, from bestselling author Bill Handley

Kids who succeed at school aren't necessarily smarter than other kids. Often, they're simply better at learning. Speed Learning for Kids helps you teach your child how to thrive at school by learning more in less time with less effort. The brain-training techniques in this book will enable kids to not just learn faster, but enjoy their learning, memorise as they go, and absorb as much in ten minutes as they normally would in two hours of study.

How is it possible? These nontraditional techniques aren't mysterious, they're just not often taught. Any child can learn to learn, and the results really matter—with improved concentration, better short- and long-term memory, more creative thinking, and better memory and reading comprehension skills.

  • Includes study techniques that replace rote learning to achieve better test results on everything from spelling tests, NAPLAN and entrance exams
  • Written by Bill Handley, author of the bestselling books Teach Your Children Tables and Speed Maths for Kids
  • Features brain-training techniques that will not only improve school performance, but also improve problem-solving and creative thinking for long-term career success

If you want to give your kids a boost in school, Speed Learning for Kids offers proven, effective strategies and techniques that lead to success in the classroom and beyond.

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction ix

Part I: The brain-training tools 1

1 Making mental pictures 3

2 Using rhyming reminders 15

3 Learning look-alike reminders 31

4 Creating logical reminders 37

Part II: Learn like a genius 47

5 How to learn to spell like a genius 49

6 How to solve problems like a genius 57

7 How to write like a genius 65

8 How to summarise information like a genius 81

9 How to speak like a genius 85

10 How to learn a language like a genius 91

11 How to sit tests like a genius 101

Part III: Some more fun with speed learning 109

12 Playing a memory party game 111

13 Learning word-for-word 121

14 Memorising big numbers 131

15 Learning the US presidents 147

Afterword 155

Frequently asked questions 157

Index 165