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Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 4th Edition


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Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 4th Edition

Peter Armitage, Geoffrey Berry, J. N. S. Matthews

ISBN: 978-0-632-05257-8 October 2001 Wiley-Blackwell 832 Pages

Out of stock
AUD $256.95


The explanation and implementation of statistical methods for the medical researcher or statistician remains an integral part of modern medical research. This book explains the use of experimental and analytical biostatistics systems. Its accessible style allows it to be used by the non-mathematician as a fundamental component of successful research.

Since the third edition, there have been many developments in statistical techniques. The fourth edition provides the medical statistician with an accessible guide to these techniques and to reflect the extent of their usage in medical research.

The new edition takes a much more comprehensive approach to its subject. There has been a radical reorganization of the text to improve the continuity and cohesion of the presentation and to extend the scope by covering many new ideas now being introduced into the analysis of medical research data. The authors have tried to maintain the modest level of mathematical exposition that characterized the earlier editions, essentially confining the mathematics to the statement of algebraic formulae rather than pursuing mathematical proofs.

Received the Highly Commended Certificate in the Public Health Category of the 2002 BMA Books Competition.

Preface to the fourth edition.

1 The Scope of Statistics.

2 Describing Data.

3 Probability.

4 Analysing Means and Proportions.

5 Analysing Variances, Counts and Other Measures.

6 Bayesian Methods.

7 Regression and Correlation.

8 Comparison of Several Groups.

9 Experimental Design.

10 Analysing Non-Normal Data.

11 Modelling Continous Data.

12 Further Regresson Models for a Continuous Response.

13 Multivariate Methods.

14 Modelling Categorical Data.

15 Empirical Methods for Categrorical Data.

16 Further Bayesian Methods.

17 Survival Analysis.

18 Clinical Trials.

19 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology.

20 Laboratory Assays.

Appendix tables.


Author Index.

Subject Index.

On the fourth edition:

'...this breakthrough revision of a truly excellent: comprehensive, informative, able to be read at a variety of levels by a variety of readers, modern and insightful.'
Statistics in Medicine, Volume 22, 2003

'...this is a volume which could usefully, and perhaps should, be read from cover to cover by anyone embarking on the study of medical statistics. For those already working in the area, it should at least be on their bookshelves.'
Short Book Reviews, Volume 22, Number 2, August 2002

'...each edition has improved and expanded considerably on the last, keeping pace with the ever-changing field of medical statistics...'
eMJA Bookroom, 2002

On previous editions:

'...this is an excellent book...I strongly recommend this book...'
International Society for Clinical Biostatistics, December 1997

'...this classical beauty has aged well.'
International Statistical Institute, April 1996

'...readers who...use statistical analysis...must buy this third edition'
Australian-New Zealand Journal of Surgery, Spring 1995

'...the standard text for professional medical statisticians.'
Aslib Book Guide, November 1994

* An encyclopaedic reference text for all aspects of advanced medical statistics
* Special regression problems have been added to the new edition
* "...the standard text for professional medical statisticians." - Aslib Book Guide
* new chapter on laboratory assays