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The Climate Modelling Primer, 4th Edition

Kendal McGuffie, Ann Henderson-Sellers

ISBN: 978-1-119-94336-5 March 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 456 Pages

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AUD $219.95


As a consequence of recent increased awareness of the social and political dimensions of climate, many non-specialists discover a need for information about the variety of available climate models. A Climate Modelling Primer, Fourth Edition is designed to explain the basis and mechanisms of all types of current physically-based climate models.

A thoroughly revised and updated edition, this book will assist the reader in understanding the complexities and applicabilities of today’s wide range of climate models. Topics covered include the latest techniques for modelling the coupled biosphere-ocean-atmosphere system, information on current practical aspects of climate modelling and ways to evaluate and exploit the results, discussion of Earth System Models of Intermediate Complexity (EMICs), and interactive exercises based on Energy Balance Model (EBM) and the Daisyworld model. Source codes and results from a range of model types allows readers to make their own climate simulations and to view the results of the latest high resolution models. Now in full colour throughout and with the addition of cartoons to enhance student understanding the new edition of this successful textbook enables the student to tackle the difficult subject of climate modeling.

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Preface vii

Acknowledgements xv

About the companion website xvi

1 Why Model Climate? 3

2 The Evolution of Climate Models 69

3 Energy Balance Models 139

4 Intermediate Complexity Models 199

5 Coupled Climate System Models 281

6 Through the Looking Glass 371

Collected endnotes 393

Hints and solutions 401

List of abbreviations 402

List of symbols 406

Bibliography 407

Index 431