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The Four Mindsets: How to Influence, Motivate and Lead High Performance Teams


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The Four Mindsets: How to Influence, Motivate and Lead High Performance Teams

Anna-Lucia Mackay

ISBN: 978-0-730-32478-2 July 2015 264 Pages


Connect, focus, align, and activate your team to increase performance fast

The Four Mindsets: How to Influence, Motivate, and Lead High Performance Teams holds the key to significantly increasing productivity, performance, and revenue in your organisation. Developed as a guide proven to help all levels of managers to connect, focus, align and activate their teams to elevate results, this book also serves as a low-cost, first step, alternative to expensive training, coaching and mentoring programs by providing a range of resources and tools to use and become a 'best in class' leader today. 

Management, motivations and mindsets have changed considerably in the last 25 years and leaders are being challenged with the task of keeping their teams engaged while meeting goals that are more stringent than ever before. The High Performance Mindset Model will equip you with the skills you need to take your teams performance to the next level and considers hot topics in today's business environment, such as emotional intelligence, whole brain thinking, and what makes professionals tick, in a format that is applicable at all levels of management and leadership. The Four Mindsets updates you on what matters most today and the most common strategies and techniques used by high performing companies, leaders and managers–globally.

  • Explore the simplest, fastest ways to increase productivity, performance, and revenue.
  • Understand what you must do to be within the top five percent of today's managers.
  • Discuss what makes people tick at work and how this understanding is the number one key to influencing accountability, focus and results.
  • Consider current best practices in team management, and understand how to practically apply these concepts.

The Four Mindsets: How to Influence, Motivate, and Lead High Performance Teams is the ultimate handbook for every manager  —from team leader to CEO—HR professionals, management consultants, trainers, coaches, and mentors charged with the responsibility of developing today's modern leaders.

About the author xi

Acknowledgements xiii

Preface xv

How to use this book xix

Introduction xxi

Part I: The Emotional Intelligence Mindset 1

How to trigger inspiration, trust and respect within your team

1 The manager as role model — the key to influence 3

2 How to develop emotional intelligence: Step 1 — self-awareness 11

3 How to develop emotional intelligence: Step 2 — self-management 19

4 How to build trust 33

Part II: The Connection Mindset 43

How to trigger connection, understanding and care within your team

5 Understanding what makes people tick and Learned Intuition 45

6 How to connect people to the business 57

7 How to create a personal connection 69

8 How to have a challenging conversation without breaking connection 83

Part III: The Growth Mindset 99

How to trigger confidence, learning and growth within your team

9 How to teach people confidence 101

10 The manager as trainer — how to share knowledge and train your team quickly 113

11 How learners think and how to adapt your style 125

12 The manager as coach and mentor —

10 essential tips 137

Part IV: The Performance Mindset 149

How to trigger focus, accountability and achievement within your team

13 How to recruit the right people into your team 151

14 The 90-day critical period — how to attach and align your people 163

15 How to increase focus and accountability 179

16 How to conduct a best practice performance review 203

Index 221