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The Handbook of Deviance

Erich Goode (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-70142-3 September 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 656 Pages


The Handbook of Deviance is a definitive reference for professionals, researchers, and students that provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the sociology of deviance.

  • Composed of over 30 essays written by an international array of scholars and meticulously edited by one of the best known authorities on the study of deviance
  • Features chapters on cutting-edge topics, such as terrorism and environmental degradation as forms of deviance
  • Each chapter includes a critical review of what is known about the topic, the current status of the topic, and insights about the future of the topic
  • Covers recent theoretical innovations in the field, including the distinction between positivist and constructionist perspectives on deviance, and the incorporation of physical appearance as a form of deviance

Contributors viii

Introduction xiv
Erich Goode

Acknowledgments xxii

Part I Deviance: The Conceptual Foundations 1

1 The Sociology of Deviance: An Introduction 3
Erich Goode

2 Deviance and Social Control 30
Mathieu Deflem

3 Regulating Vice 45
Jim Leitzel

4 Deviant Subcultures and Lifestyles 64
Craig J. Forsyth

5 Positive Deviance 80
Druann Maria Heckert and Daniel Alex Heckert

Part II Ongoing Deviance Dynamics 101

6 The Process of Deviantization 103
Daniel Dotter

7 Changing Definitions of Deviance 121
John Curra

8 The Medicalization of Deviance: From Badness to Sickness 137
Joseph Schneider

9 Decriminalization 154
John Dombrink

10 What is Homosexuality Doing in Deviance? 172
Jeffery P. Dennis

Part III Studying Deviance 189

11 Quantitative Methods in the Study of Deviance and Crime 191
Jeff Ackerman

12 Studying Deviance: Qualitative Methods 210
Richard Tewksbury

13 Explanatory Paradigms in the Study of Deviance 225
Robert F. Meier

Part IV Approaches, Explanations, Factors 237

14 Critical Criminology 239
Walter S. DeKeseredy

15 The Interactionist Approach to Deviance 259
Addrain Conyers and Thomas C. Calhoun

16 Gender and Deviance 277
Meredith G.F. Worthen and Danielle Dirks

17 Deviance and the Mass Media 298
David L. Altheide

Part V Individual Deviance 311

18 Juvenile Delinquency: Its Nature, Causes, and Control 313
Timothy Brezina and Robert Agnew

19 Alcohol Use as Deviance 331
Paul M. Roman

20 Drug Use as Deviance 349
Scott Akins and Clayton J. Mosher

21 Sociology and Sexual Deviance 369
Martin S. Weinberg and Colin J. Williams

22 Cognitive Deviance: Unconventional Beliefs 401
Robin D. Perrin

23 Abominations of the Body: Physical Characteristics as Deviance 422
Erich Goode

Part VI Institutional Deviance 445

24 Mental Illness as a Form of Deviance: Historical Notes and Contemporary Directions 447
Peter Conrad and Julia Bandini

25 Poverty and Disrepute 463
David L. Harvey

26 Environmental Harm as Deviance and Crime 471
Avi Brisman

27 Organizational Deviance: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? 488
Melanie Bryant

28 Marginalizing Migrants: Illegality, Racialization, and Vulnerability 504
Dean Wilson

29 Political Deviance 521
Pat Lauderdale

30 Terrorism and Counterterrorism 537
Austin T. Turk

Part VII Deviance Futures 549

31 Deviance and Social Change 551
Nachman Ben]Yehuda

32 What’s in Store for the Concept of Deviance? Reflections, Speculations, Predictions 563
Erich Goode

Index 583