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The Masculinity Studies Reader

Rachel Adams (Editor), David Savran (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-22660-4 January 2002 Wiley-Blackwell 432 Pages

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The Masculinity Studies Reader brings together widely-read and -cited work by key theorists in a new context that is intended simultaneously to establish the contours of and to raise questions about masculinity as a field of academic inquiry.

Editors’ Acknowledgments.

Introduction (Rachel Adams and David Savran).

Part I: Eroticism.


1. Some Psychological Consequences of the Anatomical Distinction between the Sexes (Sigmund Freud).

2. Masochism and Male Subjectivity (Kaja Silverman).

3. Subject Honor, Object Shame (Roger Lancaster).

4. The Democratic Body: Prostitution and Citizenship in Classical Athens (David Halperin).

Part II: Social Sciences.


5. Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight (Clifford Geertz).

6. Toward a New Sociology of Masculinity (Tim Carrigan, Bob Connell, and John Lee).

7. The Fraternal Social Contract (Carole Pateman).

8. The Birth of the Self-made Man (Michael Kimmel).

Part III: Representations. .


9. The Beast in the Closet: James and the Writing of Homosexual Panic (Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick).

10. The Woman Warrior versus The Chinaman Pacific: Must a Chinese American Critic Choose between Feminism and Heroism (King-Kok Cheung).

11. Skin Head Sex Thing: Racial Difference and the Homoerotic Imaginary (Kobena Mercer).

12. Bonds of (In)Difference (Robyn Wiegman).

Part IV: Empire and Modernity.


13. The Fact of Blackness (Frantz Fanon).

14. The History of Masculinity (R. W. Connell).

15. The White Man's Muscles (Richard Dyer).

16. What Does a Jew Want? or, The Political Meaning of the Phallus (Daniel Boyarin).

17. The Economy of Colonial Desire (Revathi Krishnaswamy).

18. Male Gender and Rituals of Resistance in the Palestinian Intifada (Julie Peteet).

Part V: Borders.


19. Homosexuality and the Signs of Male Friendship in Elizabethan England (Alan Bray).

20. An Introduction to Female Masculinity (Judith Halberstam).

21. "That Sexe Which Prevaileth" (Anne Fausto-Sterling).

22. The Gender of Brazilian Transgendered Prostitutes (Don Kulick).


"These essays are, individually, insightful and often arresting. Taken together, they are prismatic, illuminating this new interdisciplinary area of scholarly inquiry. With this collection, masculinity studies comes of age as an academic field." Michael Kimmel, SUNY at Stony Brook <!--end-->

"This anthology identifies the need in contemporary cultural studies for more elaborate understandings of the relations of various masculinities to power, nation, empire, violence, race, class, and embodiment. The editors must be commended for producing a volume which answers to this need and brings together an eclectic, multidisciplinary, and wide-ranging collection of essays in response. Bound to become required reading in gender studies and beyond!" University of California at San Diego

"The instructor-friendly anthology of 22 previously published essays dating primarily from 1970 to 2000, is destined to become a standard in courses on gender and masculinity. Rachel Adams and David Savran have chosen fascinating articles that will be both challenging and accessible to university students at all levels" Journal of Contemporary European Studies

"Adams and Savran provide extrcta from a number of key sources that lay the foundations for understanding masculinities through a cultural studies oriented approach" Sexualities

  • Charts the history and defining questions within the field through clear, accessible introductory essays.

  • Unifies research on masculinity within the humanities and social sciences for the first time.

  • Includes frequently-anthologized essays within an entirely new context, shedding new light on well-known material.