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Tips For A Successful Ebay Business: Check 100


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Tips For A Successful Ebay Business: Check 100

Todd Alexander

ISBN: 978-0-730-30862-1 February 2014 Wrightbooks 160 Pages


100 simple, easy-to-use health checks for your eBay business

Storefront businesses are popping up across Australia, while many traditional businesses are tapping into eBay as a new sales channel. Other than eBay, what do the owners of all these businesses have in common? They're busy running their businesses and they need smart and easy tips on how to boost their business operations. Now, with Check 100, eBay expert Todd Alexander offers a simple list of 100 quick health checks that will help owners of small- and medium-size businesses optimise and maximise their eBay profits. It's easy to read and packed with just the facts and guidance you need to run a successful, profitable eBay business. Topics covered include business planning, sourcing and listing products, building a brand, customer service, logistics, marketing, preparing for the future, and more.

  • Presents a simple, easy-to-implement must-do tips for ensuring you're running your business as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Covers every step required for operating an eBay business
  • Shows you how to implement each step, why you should implement it and how to measure the impact on your eBay business
  • Written by Todd Alexander, Australia's top eBay expert and the author of The New eBay

For small business owners and independent eBay sellers, Check 100 presents fast, straight-to-the-point guidance that will turn potential into profits.

About the author vii

Introduction ix

1 Getting the basics right 1

2 Business planning and automation 15

3 Sourcing and listing products 35

4 Establishing your brand 61

5 Providing outstanding service 73

6 Mastering logistics 93

7 Marketing your products and your business 119

8 Building for the future 133