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Web Marketing That Works: Confessions from the Marketing Trenches


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Web Marketing That Works: Confessions from the Marketing Trenches

Adam Franklin, Toby Jenkins

ISBN: 978-0-730-30927-7 March 2014 Wrightbooks 264 Pages


Practical tips on using the web to boost your business, no matter what business you're in

Everyone in business knows they need to embrace the web, but not everyone knows how to do it or where to start. No matter what industry you're in, the web offers efficiencies and solutions for sales, marketing and customer service, and many other business functions. For businesspeople, small business owners, and marketers, Web Marketing That Works offers proven tactics, road-tested by the authors, and easy-to-use templates for boosting your Google search rankings, using social media to build relationships, developing an effective online marketing strategy, mastering the art of inbound marketing, and much more.

  • Features insider advice and proven tactics for small business owners and marketers who want to tap into the power of the web
  • Covers web strategy, execution, content marketing, and social media
  • Includes 33 free, downloadable templates
  • Written by the founders of Bluewire Media, one of Australia's top web marketing firms

Every business, large or small, can benefit from the web. If you're not already using the web to boost your business, you're falling behind the competition. Web Marketing That Works shows you how to get ahead—starting right now.

Foreword by David Meerman Scott xv

About the authors xix

Acknowledgements and thanks xxi

First and foremost xxv

Our story and why you need this book xxv

Bonus 33 free templates xxxiii

Part I: How it all works 1

1 Your web universe: content, web and inbound marketing 3

Part II: Strategy 13

2 Web strategy: defining your buyer personas 15

3 Flagship content: the cornerstone of your web marketing 23

4 Content marketing: know, like and trust 31

Part III: Building home base 37

5 Web marketing metrics and reporting ROI 39

6 Building your own website 45

7 Landing pages: design, psychology and leads 63

Part IV: Content creation 75

8 Email marketing: the ultimate tool for web marketers 77

9 From blogging to content marketing: attracting leads, not just readers 89

10 Video, audio and image publishing: YouTube, webinars, infographics and podcasts 103

11 Publishing content and finding your editorial rhythm 113

Part V: Getting found 123

12 Search and keywords: search engine optimisation 125

13 PR on the web: influencer outreach 137

14 The secret to online is offline: events and speaking 149

15 How to sell online while keeping your integrity 161

Part VI: Social media 171

16 Social media in action: strategy and guidelines 173

17 LinkedIn: the essential social network for business 187

18 Facebook: a gold mine for marketers 197

19 Twitter: a communication revolution 207

Part VII: The future 221

20 The road ahead 223

Index 225