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What is Cultural Sociology?

Lyn Spillman

ISBN: 978-1-509-52284-2 December 2019 Polity 160 Pages

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Culture, cultural difference, and cultural conflict always surround us. It is the aim of cultural sociologists to understand their role across all aspects of social life by examining processes of meaning-making.

In this crisp and accessible book, Lyn Spillman demonstrates many of the conceptual tools cultural sociologists use to explore how people make meaning, Drawing on vivid examples from this rich and ubiquitous feature of our lives, she offers a compelling analytical framework within which to view the entire cultural sociological field. In each chapter, she introduces a different angle of vision, with distinct but compatible approaches for explaining culture and its role in social life: analyzing symbolic forms, analyzing meaning-making in interaction, and analyzing organized production.

Offering a concise answer to the question “What is Cultural Sociology?,” this book provides an overview of the fundamental approaches you need to know to do cultural sociology.

1. Introduction
2. Making Meaning Central
3. Meaning and Interaction
4. Producing Meaning
5. Conclusion: Landscapes, Stages, and Fields