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Work with Me: How to Get People to Buy into Your Ideas


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Work with Me: How to Get People to Buy into Your Ideas

Simon Dowling

ISBN: 978-0-730-33005-9 August 2016 200 Pages


Lead from any level with the power of buy-in

Work with Me shows you how to master the art of the 'buy-in.' You achieve better results when people go along with your ideas because they want to, not because they have to; the key is knowing how to build that kind of commitment This is the art of buy-in, and it's one of the most powerful skills you can have. When people are fully on board, they bring their full selves to the project. This drives their priorities, their performance, their innovation and ultimately, your outcome. Buy-in sits at the heart of creative and collaborative cultures; it drives highly adaptive and nimble teams. This book is a how-to guide for achieving buy-in, regardless of your leadership level. It's not about using power and authority, it's about building support and commitment to your ideas and initiatives. You can lead from any level, even laterally, and have a positive impact on the way things are done in your organisation. This book is your coach for speaking up, standing out and embracing the changes that fuel engaged workplaces and better business.

  • Build engagement, agreement, commitment and ownership
  • Overcome obstacles and drive stellar performance
  • Deliver optimal outcomes through enthusiastic collaboration
  • Boost creativity, passion, energy and focus

In the shift from traditional industrial economies to a value-focused economy of ideas, organisations thrive on great ideas, but those ideas don't count unless they're actually implemented. Work with Me shows you how to get people on board so you can bring great ideas to life.

About the author xi

Acknowledgements xiii

Foreword by Sheila Heen xv

Prologue xvii

Part I: Get Ready 1

1 SHIFT: Choose the power of buy-in 3

2 MINDSET: Imagine what’s possible 15

3 CONVICTION: Establish a ‘Big So What’ 31

4 WHO: Think wide, act narrow 43

5 TIMING: Read the conditions, ride the wave 59

6 YOU: Be someone they’ll listen to 71

Part II: Go 93

7 MOOD: Make them feel it 95

8 MIND: Give them a reason 117

9 MOVEMENT: Convert to sustained action 137

Roadmap for buy-in 157

Where to now? 161

Epilogue 163

Notes 165

Index 169