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70-742 Identity with Windows Server 2016 Lab Manual



70-742 Identity with Windows Server 2016 Lab Manual

Microsoft Official Academic Course

ISBN: 978-1-119-41911-2 March 2018 208 Pages

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This text does not include a MOAC Labs Online access code. 

This is the companion lab manual to Identity with Windows Server 2016. Exam 70-742 is focused primarily on the identity functionality in Windows Server 2016. MOAC offers an official MLO lab environment and Lab Manual to further aid in your study for this exam. Successful skills mastery of Exam 70-742 can help students with securing a career within an IT enterprise and help them to differentiate job hunters in today's competitive job market. This exam will cover considerations into the following:

  • Group Policy implementation for non-Nano Server environments
  • Functionality such as Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), Active Directory Federations Services (AD FS)
  • Creating and managing group policy
  • Web Application proxy implementations.

The MOAC IT Professional series is the Official from Microsoft, turn-key Workforce training program that leads to professional certification and was authored for college instructors and college students. MOAC gets instructors ready to teach and students ready for work by delivering essential resources in 5 key areas: Instructor readiness, student software, student assessment, instruction resources, and learning validation. With the Microsoft Official Academic course program, you are getting instructional support from Microsoft; materials that are accurate and make course delivery easy.

1. Installing and Configuring Domain Controllers 1

Exercise 1.1 Installing a New Forest 3

Exercise1.2 Demoting a Domain Controller 5

Exercise 1.3 Adding a Domain Controller to an Existing Domain 8

Exercise 1.4 Moving Operations Masters 9

Lab Challenge Seizing Operations Masters 12

2. Creating and Managing Active Directory Users and Computers 15

Exercise 2.1 Creating a Single User in Active Directory User and Computers 17

Exercise 2.2 Creating and Using User Templates 19

Exercise 2.3 Creating Computer Objects 21

Exercise 2.4 Using Active Directory Administrative Center 22

Exercise 2.5 Configuring User Rights 25

Lab Challenge Creating Users with Windows PowerShell 27

Lab Challenge Creating Multiple Users Using LDIFDE 27

3. Creating and Managing Active Directory Groups and Organizational Units (OUs) 29

Exercise 3.1 Creating and Managing Organizational Units 30

Exercise 3.2 Creating and Managing Groups 34

Lab Challenge Using OUs to Delegate Active Directory Management Tasks 37

4. Configuring Service Authentication and Account Policies 41

Exercise 4.1 Configuring Kerberos Policy Settings 42

Exercise 4.2 Creating a Service Account 45

Exercise 4.3 Creating a Managed Service Account 47

Exercise 4.4 Configuring Kerberos and Kerberos Delegation 49

Lab Challenge Configuring a Domain Password and Lockout Policy 52

5. Maintaining Active Directory 55

Exercise 5.1 Restoring a Deleted Object Using the Recycle Bin 56

Exercise 5.2 Replicating with Active Directory Sites and Services 58

Exercise 5.3 Creating a Read-Only Domain Controller 61

Lab Challenge Backing up and Restoring Active Directory 63

6. Configuring Active Directory in a Complex Enterprise Environment 69

Exercise 6.1 Creating a Child Domain 71

Exercise 6.2 Creating a Two-Way Forest Trust 74

Exercise 6.3 Validating and Testing the Trust 77

Exercise 6.4 Configuring Multiple UPN Suffixes 80

Exercise 6.5 Adding Sites and Subnets 81

Lab Challenge Raising the Domain and Forest Functional Levels 83

7. Creating and Managing Group Policy Objects (GPOs) 85

Exercise 7.1 Creating and Linking a GPO to an OU 86

Exercise 7.2 Backing Up and Restoring a GPO 89

Exercise 7.3 Importing and Copying GPOs 90

Exercise 7.4 Resetting Default GPOs 92

Lab Challenge Delegating Group Policy Management 93

8. Configuring Group Policy Processing 95

Exercise 8.1 Configuring Processing and Precedence of GPOs 96

Exercise 8.2 Configuring Blocking Inheritance and Enforced Policies 99

Exercise 8.3 Configuring Security Filtering and WMI Filtering 100

Exercise 8.4 Configuring Loopback Processing 102

Lab Challenge Using the Group Policy Results Wizard 103

9. Configuring Group Policy Settings 105

Exercise 9.1 Performing Software Installation with Group Policies 106

Exercise 9.2 Using Folder Redirection 108

Exercise 9.3 Using Scripts with Group Policies 110

Exercise 9.4 Using Administrative Templates 113

Lab Challenge Using Security Templates 114

10. Configuring Group Policy Preferences 117

Exercise 10.1 Configuring Printer Settings 118

Exercise 10.2 Configuring Network Drive Mappings 121

Exercise 10.3 Configuring Power Options 122

Exercise 10.4 Configuring IE Settings 123

Exercise 10.5 Performing File, Folder, and Shortcut Deployments 125

Lab Challenge Configuring Item-Level Targeting 126

11. Installing and Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services 127

Exercise 11.1 Installing a Standalone Certificate Authority 129

Exercise 11.2 Installing a Subordinate Certificate Server 131

Exercise 11.3 Configuring a Certified Revocation List (CRL) Distribution Point 134

Exercise 11.4 Installing the Online Responder Role 136

Exercise 11.5 Performing a CA Backup 140

Lab Challenge Managing Administrative Roles 141

12. Managing Certificates 143

Exercise 12.1 Importing and Exporting Digital Certificates 145

Exercise 12.2 Renewing a CA Certificate 148

Exercise 12.3 Creating a New User Certificate Template 150

Exercise 12.4 Requesting a Certificate 151

Exercise 12.5 Configuring Autoenrollment 156

Exercise 12.6 Configuring Enrollment Agents 158

Lab Challenge Configuring the Key Recovery Agent 161

13. Installing and Configuring Active Directory Federation Services 163

Exercise 13.1 Installing the Active Directory Federation Services 165

Exercise 13.2 Creating a Standalone Federation Server 166

Exercise 13.3 Creating and Configuring a Sample WIF Application 168

Exercise 13.4 Implementing Relying Party Trusts 173

Exercise 13.5 Configuring the Active Directory Claims Provider Trust 175

Lab Challenge Configuring a Global Authentication Policy 177

14. Implementing Web Application Proxy (WAP) 179

Exercise 14.1 Installing and Configuring the Web Application Proxy Role Service 180

Lab Challenge Publishing an Application 184

15. Installing and Configuring Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) 187

Exercise 15.1 Installing Active Directory Rights Management Services (ADRMS) 189

Exercise 15.2 Creating and Enabling the Super Users Group 194

Exercise 15.3 Creating a Distributed Rights Policy Template 197

Exercise 15.4 Enabling and Configuring an Application Exclusion 198

Lab Challenge Backing Up and Restoring AD RMS 199