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Island Arcs Deep Sea Trenches and Back-Arc Basins

Island Arcs Deep Sea Trenches and Back-Arc Basins

Manik Talwani (Editor), Walter C. Pitman III (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66575-6 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 470 Pages



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Maurice Ewing Series, Volume 1.

A three day symposium was held in honor of the late Maurice Ewing at Arden House, Harriman, New York on March 28–31, 1976. The symposium is the first of a planned Maurice Ewing series of symposiums to be held biennially. The American Geophysical Union has agreed to publish the proceedings of the symposiums in a special Maurice Ewing series. This volume represents the first of the series.

Preface i

Maurice Ewing iii

Some Basic 'Problems in the Trench-Arc-Back Arc System,
Seiya Uyeda 1

Subduction in the Indonesian Region,
Warren Hamilton 15

Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of Subduction-Controlled Sedimentary Assemblages,
Willialn R. Dickinson 33

Multifold Seismic Reflection Records from the Northern Venezuela Basin and the North Slope of the Muertos Trench,
John W Ladd, J. Lamar Worzel, and Joel S. Watkins 41

The Initiation of Trenches: A Finite Amplitude Instability,
D. P. McKenzie 57

Lithospheric Instabilities,
D. L. Turcotte, W F. Haxby, and J. R. Ockendon 63

Mesozoic Tectonics of the Southern Alaska Margin,
J. Casey Moore and Willialn Connelly 71

Multi-Channel Seismic Study in the Venezuelan Basin and the Curasao Ridge,
M. Talwani, C. C. Windisch, P. L. Stoffa, P. Buhl, and R. E. Houtz 83

Geometry of Benioff Zones: Lateral Segmentation and Downwards Bending of the Subducted Lithosphere,
Bryan L. Isacks and Muawia Barazangi 99

Bathymetric Highs and Development of Convergent Plate Boundaries,
John Kelleher and Willialn McCann 115

In Situ P-Wave Velocities in Deep Earthquake Zones of the SW Pacific: Evidence for a Phase Boundary Between the Upper and Lower Mantle,
Thomas J. Fitch 123

Heat Flow in Back-Arc Basins of the Western Pacific,
T. Watanabe, M. G. Langseth, and R. N Anderson 137

Seismic and Aseismic Slip Along Subduction Zones and Their Tectonic Implications,
Hiroo Kanalnori 163

Growth Patterns on the Upper Trench Slope,
Daniel E. Karig 175

The Significance of Landward Vergence and Oblique Structural Trends on Trench Inner Slopes,
D. R. Seely 187

Sediment Subduction and Offscraping at Pacific Margins,
David W. Scholl, Michael S. Marlow, and Alan K. Cooper 199

St. George Basin, Bering Sea Shelf: A Collapsed Mesozoic Margin,
Michael S. Marlow, David W Scholl, and Alan K. Cooper 211

Geological Consequences of Ridge Subduction,
Stephen E. DeLong and Paul J. Fox 221

Geochemical Constraints on the Origin of Aleutian Magmas,
R. W Kay 229

Trench-Volcano Gap Along the Alaska-Aleutian Arc: Facts, and Speculations on the Role of Terrigenous Sediments for Subduction,
Klaus H. Jacob, Kazuaki Nakamura, and John N Davies 243

Seismicity and Plate Subduction in the Central Aleutians,
E. R. Engdahl 259

Post Miocene Tectonics of the Margin of Southern Chile,
E. M. Herron, R. Bruhn, M. Winslow, and L. Chaqui 273

A Preliminary Analysis of the Subduction Processes Along the Andean Continental Margin, 6° to 45°S,
L. D. Kuhn, W J. Schweller, and A. Masias 285

Metallogeny of an Andean-Type Continental Margin in South Korea: Implications for Opening of the Japan Sea,
Richard H. Sillitoe 303

Petrogenesis in Island Arc Systems,
A. E. Ringwood 311

Island Arc Models and the Composition of the Continental Crust,
Stuart Ross Taylor 325

Cenozoic Explosive Volcanism Related to East and Southeast Asian Arcs,
Dragoslav Ninkovich and William L. Donn 337

Comments on Cenozoic Explosive Volcanism Related to East and Southeast Asian Arcs,
James P. Kennett and Robert C. Thunell 348

Dragoslav Ninkovich and William L. Donn 353

Petrologic and Geochemical Characteristics of Marginal Basin Basalts,
Jeunes W. Hawkins, Jr. 355

Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks from the Island Arcs and Marginal Basins of the Scotia Arc Region,
Joh Tarney, Andrew D. Saunders, and Stephen D. Weaver 367

Formation and Evolution of Marginal Basins and Continental Plateaus,
M. Nafi Toksoz alld Peter Bird 379

Destruction of the Early Cretaceous Marginal Basin in the Andes of Tierra del Fuego,
Ronald L. Bruhn and Ian W D. Dalziel 395

The Baie Verte Lineament, Newfoundland: Ophiolite Complex Floor and Mafic Volcanic Fill of a Small Ordovician Marginal Basin,
W. S. F. Kidd 407

Tectonic Evolution of the South Fiji Marginal Basin,
A. B. Watts, J. K. Weissel, and F. J Dauey 419

Evolution of the Lau Basin by the Growth of Small Plates,
JefIrey K. Weissel 429

The Bering Sea - A Multifarious Marginal Basin,
Allan K. Cooper, Michael S. Marlow, and Dauid W. Scholl 437

The Structure and Age of Acoustic Basement in the Okhotsk Sea,
C. A. Burk and H. S. Gnibidenko 451

Volcanoes as Possible Indicators of Tectonic Stress Orientation-Aleutians and Alaska,
Kazuaki Nakanurra, Klaus Jacob, and John Davies 463

Development of Sedimentary Basins on the Lower Trench Slope,
G. F. Moore and D. E. Karig 464

The Uyak Complex, Kodiak Islands, Alaska: A Subduction Complex of Early Mesozoic Age,
William Connelly, Malcohn Hill, Betsy Byer Hill, and J. Casey Moore 465

Thin Elastic Plate Analysis of Outer Rises,
J. G. Caldwell, D. L. Turcotte, W F. Haxby, and D. E. Karig 467

Cenozoic Tectonics of East Asia,
Maurice J. Terrnan 468