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The Rising Trends in Asthma

Derek J. Chadwick (Editor), Gail Cardew (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51534-1 April 2008 290 Pages



Asthma is a growing health problem throughout the developed world. This volume presents a critical review of all the possible factors for this rising trend and includes research that has not yet been published in the scientific literature. Discusses the basic biology of asthma and addresses genetic influences. Surveys the epidemiological evidence for the worldwide trends in morbidity and mortality.
Asthma: A Dynamic Disease of Inflammation and Repair (S. Holgate).

Allergen Recognition in the Origin of Asthma (P. Holt, et al.).

Tcells as Orchestrators of the Asthmatic Response (A. Kay).

The Structural and Functional Consequences of Chronic Allergic Inflammation of the Airways (P. Paré, et al.).

Genetic Susceptibility to Asthma in a Changing Environment (E. Bleecker, et al.).

Intepretation of Epidemiological Surveys of Asthma (P. Burney).

Evidence for the Increase in Asthma Worldwide (A. Woolcock & J. Peat).

International Trends in Asthma Morality (R. Beasley, et al.).

Inferences from Occupational Asthma (P. Cullinan & J. Taylor).

The Role of Domestic Allergens (T. Platts-Mills, et al.).

Air Pollution and Trends in Asthma (H. Anderson).

The Role of Respiratory Viruses in Asthma (W. Busse, et al.).

Prenatal Origins of Asthma and Allergy (J. Warner, et al.).

Maternal Risk Factors for Asthma (F. Martinez).

Diet as a Risk Factor for Asthma (S. Weiss).