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Business Writing

Baden Eunson

ISBN: 978-1-118-31968-0 January 2012 Wrightbooks 184 Pages


The ability the write well in professional situations is a much sought-after and all too rare skill. Business Writing takes a hands-on approach to help you excel in writing a range of hard-copy and electronic documents.

Learn how to write effective:

  • letters
  • memos
  • emails
  • reports
  • website text.

Expert communicator Baden Eunson shows you how to design documents, employ persuasive techniques and how to recognise (and foil) the mind games some people play. Also, discover how to avoid the pitfalls of planning and editing documents to become a proficient and fluent writer.

Effective writing is a skill that everyone can develop and is a vital attribute for those who wish to succeed in the highly competitive business world.

Preface vii

Introduction xi

1 Letters 1 — what they are and how to write them 1

2 Letters 2 — giving good news and bad news 19

3 Letters 3 — persuading 47

4 Memos 57

5 Reports 67

6 Online writing — emails and websites 105

Conclusion 131

Appendix 133

Notes 159

Glossary 161

Index 167