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Drug delivery and roles of imaging in skin diseases





Drug delivery and roles of imaging in skin diseases

Chenjie Xu (Editor), Xiaomeng Wang (Editor), Manojit Pramanik (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-34460-4 January 2020 456 Pages



This book covers the latest understanding about the major skin disorders, the development of imaging technologies for skin diagnosis, and the applications of micro/nano-technologies for the treatment of skin complications.
Part I: Introduction of technology advancement for skin disease treatment and diagnosis
Part II: Common skin diseases
Chapter 1: Skin structure and biology
Chapter 2: Abnormal wound healing
Chapter 3: Dermatitis
Chapter 4: Skin cancer
Chapter 5: Autoimmune skin disorders
Part III: Preclinical models for drug screening and target validation
Chapter 6: In vitro
Chapter 7: Ex vivo
Chapter 8: In vivo
Part IV: Different imaging modalities for skin imaging
Chapter 9: Photoacoustic imaging
Chapter 10: Optical coherence tomography
Chapter 11: Ultrasound
Chapter 12: Other optical technique (Raman, diffuse optical, near infrared spectroscopy, confocal microscopy etc.)
Part V: Drug delivery technologies
Chapter 13: Chemical enhancer
Chapter 14: Inorganic nanoparticles
Chapter 15: Soft nanoparticles
Chapter 16: Ultrasound
Chapter 17: Iontophoresis
Chapter 18: Microneedles
Chapter 19: Wearable devices
Part VI: Perspective for this skin imaging and drug delivery