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Industry Immersion Learning: Real-Life Industry Case-Studies in Biotechnology and Business




Industry Immersion Learning: Real-Life Industry Case-Studies in Biotechnology and Business



How to Create and Conduct Real-Life Reusable Case Studies with Industry
Employer Alliances and Projects
Written and Endorsed by Science and Business Professionals in the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, USA.

Many students and university teachers are unfamiliar with the industry environment. Case studies developed in collaboration with working professionals can help students and professors bridge the gap between universities and industry.
This book provides guidance on how to approach industry professionals and create educational alliances. The strategy of establishing contact with industry employers and the process of developing and teaching case-studies are described. Among the case-studies are examples of how to identify biomarkers and new drugs simultaneously, prioritize and develop products in compliance with rules and regulations, commercialize products and protect and manage the intellectual property, optimize processes and technologies for manufacturing, and minimize human errors in production.
Principles of Industry Immersion Learning
Integration of Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Co-Development and Commercialization: Adding Value to Therapeutics by Applying Biomarkers
Pharmaceutical Industry Product Portfolio Planning and Management
Entrepreneurship: Establishing a New Biotechnology Venture
Introduction to U.S. Patent Law
Intellectual Property Management
Operational Excellence In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Aligning Behaviors and Standards in a Regulated Industry: Design and Implementation of a Job Observation Program
  • First textbook to provide real-life fore-front study cases from industry  
  • First textbook to provide university teachers with guidance in creating alliances with industry professionals
  • Helps students gain industry knowledge and "vocabulary"
  • Assists students in the transition from university into industry
  • A must-have for MBA students and biologists intending to work in biotech industry