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Random Graphs: Volume 2

Alan Frieze (Editor), Tomasz Luczak (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-57292-3 May 1992 304 Pages


Presents refereed papers by international experts regarding such diverse areas of interest as: random mappings and permutations, quasirandom graphs, random walks on trees, degree sequences, random matroids, central limit theorems, percolations and random subgraphs of the n-cube. Features an appendix of open problems from the conference.
Partial table of contents:

Probability Distributions Related to the Local Structure of aRandom Mapping (S. Berg & J. Jaworski).

Maximum Cuts and Quasirandom Graphs (F. Chung & R.Graham).

Inequalities for Random Walks on Trees (L. Devroye & A.Sbihi).

Spanning Trees in Random Graphs (P. Dolan).

Subgraphs of Large Minimal Degree (P. Erdos, et al.).

On Small Subgraphs of Random Graphs (A. Frieze).

When Is a Graphical Sequence Stable?

(M. Jerrum, et al.).

On the Stack Ramification of Binary Trees (R. Kemp).

The Number of Permutations with Cycle Lengths from a Fixed Set (V.Kolchin).

Sparse Random Graphs with a Given Degree Sequence (T.Luczak).

Proving Normality in Combinatorics (A. Rucinski).

Remarks on the Stochastic Traveling Salesman (E. Shamir).