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The Check-in Strategy Journal: Your Daily Tracker for Business and Personal Development




The Check-in Strategy Journal: Your Daily Tracker for Business and Personal Development

Robert Craven, Adam Harris

ISBN: 978-1-119-31807-1 December 2016 320 Pages


Take a step closer to your goals every day with this essential executive planner

There never seem to be enough hours in the day to take care of daily business and work towards your goals, it's an issue of prioritization and time management. The Check-In Strategy Journal offers readers the solution, in the form of a daily and weekly system that shuffles your schedule until everything fits. You'll first define your goals in concrete terms, translating your vision into workable strategy, and then you'll put pen to paper and map out a plan for making it reality. Day-by-day and week-by-week, you'll watch the results roll in as you fine-tune your plans and exercise an unprecedented level of control over your life and your business.

Breaking long-term and large-scale strategy into smaller chunks allows you to celebrate the small victories. As the "wins" pile up, they fuel the momentum that keeps you moving toward the ultimate vision. This book provides a clear blueprint for setting it into motion.

  • Adopt daily and weekly habits in pursuit of your business goals
  • Define your plan with accountability and small wins
  • Manage your time more efficiently by prioritising goals
  • Gain control of your day, your life and your business

The busier you are, the more you need a compass to keep you on track. You lead and manage others, but now it's time to lead yourself. Define your vision, your way, then plan your work and work your plan. The Check-In Strategy Journal keeps you on-task and accountable, with realistic advice and practical guidance on taking back control.

Acknowledgements viii

Introduction  1

Part 1: Planning  9

Mindset: The one thing that determines everything else 13

Wheel of Life exercise: The big picture for business and personal growth 14

Business Planning 16

A sense of logic: Working through the plan in a specific order 16

Working from the big picture down 16

A big BUT… 16

Time for some definitions 16

Strategy: The first building block of the plan 17

The Business Audit: Evaluating current performance 18

FiMO-PC exercise: Measuring performance to date 20

The Three-by-Three Strategy Matrix exercise: Three-year goals 22

The Cascade exercise: Mapping the journey from vision to KPIs 24

The Wallpaper exercise: Mapping out the journey ahead 30

The Annual Business Plan 34

Personal Planning 36

Probably Your Best Year Yet exercise: Identifying your roles and goals 37

The Annual Personal Plan 41

Part 2: The Journal  43

Using the Journal section 44

Quarter 1 45

Quarter 2 105

Quarter 3 165

Quarter 4 225

Annual Review 284

Part 3: Additional Material and Resources  289

Finance machine 291

Marketing machine 292

Operations machine 293

People and Culture machine 294

A dashboard for the journey 295

Glossary 296

Bibliography and Further Reading 298

Is This the End? 299

About the companion website 299

About the Authors 300

The Directors’ Centre 302