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The Evolution of Public Safety Networks: LTE to 5G





The Evolution of Public Safety Networks: LTE to 5G

Abdulrahman Yarali

ISBN: 978-1-119-57989-2 January 2020 250 Pages


Chapter 1: Public safety Network from TETRA to Commercial Cellular Networks

Chapter 2: Public Safety Networks Evolution Toward Broadband and Interoperability

Chapter 3: Public Safety Communication Evolution                                                                           

Chapter 4: Keys to Building a Reliable Public Safety Communications Network

Chapter 5: Public Safety Network: Towards Resilient Emergency Communications Systems

Chapter 6: Higher Generation of Mobile Communications and Public Safety

Chapter 7: Roadmap Towards Network Infrastructure for Public Safety and Security

Chapter 8: Bringing Public Safety Communications into The 21st Century

Chapter 9: 4GLTE: The Future of Mobile Wireless Telecommunication Systems for Public Safety Networks               

Chapter 10: 4G and 5G for PS: Technology Options, Issues, and Challenges                            

Chapter 11: Fifth Generation (5G) Cellular Technology

Chapter 12: Issues and challenges of 4G and 5G for PS

Chapter 13: Wireless Mesh Networking: A Key Solution for Rural & Public Safety Applications

Chapter 14: Satellite for Public Safety and Emergency Communications

Chapter 15: Public Safety Communications Evolution: The Long-Term Transition Towards a Desired Converged Future