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Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German

Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German



Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German is a journal devoted to the improvement and expansion of German teaching in the United States. It provides a forum where the following may be presented, elaborated, and discussed:

  • the recent advances in scholarship on German language teaching and learning

  • practical suggestions for implementing innovative instruction in German classrooms

  • information concerning relevant teaching and source materials

  • information about the linguistic, social, political, and cultural landscape of German-speaking countries

  • assessments or suggestions regarding the betterment of the German teaching profession

Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German publishes pedagogical and research articles, reports, and current news, discussions, and other material of interest to teachers of German at all levels of instruction. The languages of publication are German and English.

Effective with the 2012 volume, this journal will publish in an online-only format.