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T5-2 FR

André Monaco, Patrick Prouzet

From Deep Sea to Laboratory 2: From the Discovery of Physical Measurements to H.M.S Challenger in Relation to Ocean Circulation

Frederic Aitken, Jean-Numa Foulc
Jun 2019
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Kuroshio Current: Physical, Biogeochemical, and Ecosystem Dynamics

Takeyoshi Nagai, Hiroaki Saito, Koji Suzuki, Motomitsu Takahashi

Boron Proxies in Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

Bärbel Hönisch, Stephen M. Eggins, Laura L. Haynes, Katherine A. Allen, Katherine D. Holland, Katja Lorbacher

Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants, 3rd Edition

John S. Lucas, Paul C. Southgate, Craig S. Tucker

Marine Ecological Field Methods: A Guide for Marine Biologists and Fisheries Scientists

Anne Gro Vea Salvanes, Jennifer Devine, Knut Helge Jensen, Jon Thomassen Hestetun, Kjersti Sjøtun, Henrik Glenner

Seascape Ecology

Simon J. Pittman
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