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Veterinary Medicine

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Diseases of Swine, 11th Edition

Jeffrey J. Zimmerman, Locke A. Karriker, Alejandro Ramirez, Kent J. Schwartz, Gregory W. Stevenson, Jianqiang Zhang

Veterinary Hematology: Atlas of Common Domestic and Non-Domestic Species, 3rd Edition

William J. Reagan, Armando R. Irizarry Rovira, Dennis B. DeNicola

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Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff, 2nd Edition

Kristen Collins, Brian A. DiGangi, Pamela Reid

Medical Management of Wildlife Species: A Guide for Veterinary Practitioners

Sonia M. Hernandez, Heather W. Barron, Erica A. Miller, Roberto F. Aguilar, Michael J. Yabsley