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The library is a gateway to knowledge. That’s why Wiley partners with libraries across the globe to deliver access to critical resources that support innovative research and learning.

Wiley Research Solutions

Engineered with the library’s goals in mind, our powerful and purpose-built platforms offer an unobstructed route to an extensive collection. We provide primary and secondary research across health, physical sciences, social sciences, the humanities, and more.

From Wiley Online Library to Wiley Digital Archives, our platforms enhance discoverability and promote your institutional branding, so your users remember that your library makes their research possible.


Stay on the Cutting Edge

Library Resources — Visit our dedicated library page on Wiley Online Library for all the information and support you need to manage and build your collection.

Email Alerts — Stay connected with library newsletters that provide new library trends, original content, and important updates on Wiley products and solutions.

The Wiley Network — Innovators, whether they be librarians, researchers, or educators, should stay in touch. The Wiley Network offers a platform to share advice, ideas, and collaboration.

Wiley Services

From Astronomy to Zoology, Wiley has the answers. Our resources inform future research, advance professional practice, and satisfy curiosity. With such a wealth of information at your fingertips, there’s always more to learn. 





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