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Culture and Cognition: Patterns in the Social Construction of Reality




Culture and Cognition: Patterns in the Social Construction of Reality

Wayne H. Brekhus

ISBN: 978-0-745-69823-6 June 2016 Polity 216 Pages


How does culture shape our thinking? In what ways do our social and cultural worlds enter into our mental worlds? How do the communities we belong to influence what we notice and what we ignore? What cultural variation do we see in cognition? What general patterns do we see across this diversity and variation?

In this lively and engaging book, Wayne H. Brekhus shows us the many ways that culture influences our cognitive thought processes. Drawing on a wide range of fascinating examples, such as how members of different subcultures perceive danger and safety, how cultures variably classify and perceptually weight race, how social actors use and present identity as a strategic resource, and how people across different organizational settings experience time, Brekhus takes us on a creative, diverse, and insightful tour of the sociocultural character of cognition.

Culture and Cognition: Patterns in the Social Construction of Reality offers an invaluable survey of a wide-ranging body of research in the sociology of culture and cognition that will be an inviting resource for upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and established research scholars alike.

Introduction: Culture and Cognition in Sociology
1 Perception, Attention, and Framing: The Sociology of Relevance and Irrelevance
2 Classification, Categorization, and Boundary Work
3 Meaning-Making, Metaphor, and Frames of Meaning
4 Identity Construction: Identity Authenticity, Multidimensionality, and Mobility
5 Memory and Time
"Brekhus provides an accessible and wide-ranging review of the culture and cognition field. His book introduces readers to a variety of intellectual approaches that culture and cognition scholars employ to better understand the sociocultural dimensions of thought."
Karen Cerulo, Rutgers University
"Brekhus has produced the most comprehensive, erudite, and conceptually sophisticated book in culture and cognition to date. Bound to set the terms of the theoretical debate in the field for a long time to come, this book is also a must read for anybody interested in familiarizing themselves with both the foundational contributions and the most recent cutting-edge work in the field." 
Omar Lizardo, University of Notre Dame