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Naturally Occurring Glycosides




Naturally Occurring Glycosides

Raphael Ikan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98602-7 January 1999 460 Pages


Naturally Occurring Glycosides Edited by Raphael Ikan The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Naturally Occurring Glycosides summarises significant contemporary information on chemical, nutritional, biological and pharmacological aspects of naturally occurring glycosides. Though mainly found in plants, there are an overwhelming number of glycosides which occur in nature. Currently at the forefront of scientific investigation, these compounds have a variety of uses including the treatment of congestive heart failure, lowering cholesterol, flavourings, antibiotics and sweeteners. Naturally Occurring Glycosides presents 12 chapters dealing with chemical structure, occurrence, biosynthetic and biological activity of the following: Aminoglycosidic antibiotics; Anthocyanin glycosides; Cardiac glycosides; Carotenoid glycosides; Cyanogenic glycosides; Glycosinolates; Glycosidic bound volatiles in plants; Limonoid glycosides; Saponins; Steroidal glycoalkaloids; Steroidal oligosaccarides from marine sources; Terpenoid glycoside sweeteners. By reading Naturally Occurring Glycosides, researchers working in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, toxicology, physiology and pharmacology will gain a fascinating insight into the field of glycosides.
1. Terpenyl glycosides 2. Limonoid Glucosides 3. Steroidal glyco-alkaloids 4. Phenolic glycosides 5. Terpenoid glycoside sweeteners 6. Aminoglycosides (Antibiotics) 7. Cyanogenic Glycosides 8. Saponins (found in plants) 9. Glycosidic bound volatiles 10. Cardiac glycosides 11. Steroidal glycosides 12. Glycoproteins 13. Glycolipids 14. Glucosimnolates 15. Glycosylation and Glycosidases
"...this book deals comprehensively with a current topic in one handy volume." (La Doc Sti, Vol. 371, March 1999)