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Sustainable Inorganic Chemistry




Sustainable Inorganic Chemistry

David A. Atwood (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-75147-3 September 2016 576 Pages


The Earth's natural resources are finite and easily compromised by contamination from industrial chemicals and byproducts from the degradation of consumer products. The growing field of green and sustainable chemistry seeks to address this through the development of products and processes that are environmentally benign while remaining economically viable.  Inorganic chemistry plays a critical role in this endeavor in areas such as resource extraction and isolation, renewable energy, catalytic processes, waste minimization and avoidance, and renewable industrial feedstocks.

Sustainable Inorganic Chemistry presents a comprehensive overview of the many new developments taking place in this rapidly expanding field, in articles that discuss fundamental concepts alongside cutting-edge developments and applications. The volume includes educational reviews from leading scientists on a broad range of topics including: inorganic resources, sustainable synthetic methods,  alternative reaction conditions, heterogeneous catalysis, photocatalysis, sustainable nanomaterials, renewable and clean fuels, water treatment and remediation, waste valorization and life cycle sustainability assessment.

The content from this book will be added online to the Encyclopedia of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry.

Contributors XI

Series Preface XVII

Volume Preface XIX

Recovery of Gold from Incinerated Sewage Sludge 1
Katsuyasu Sugawara

Rare Earth Recycling from NdFeB 9
Zhongsheng Hua

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessments 25
Anthony Halog and Yosef Manik

Trends in Food and Agricultural Waste Valorization 43
Anand Burange, James H. Clark and Rafael Luque

Toxicity Assessment of Molecular Rhenium(VII) Epoxidation Catalysts 53
Mirza Cokoja, Fritz E. Kühn, Marta Markiewicz and Stefan Stolte

Challenges in Green Analytical Chemistry 67
Salvador Garrigues, Sergio Armenta and Miguel de la Guardia

Mobile Apps for Green Chemistry 77
Alex M. Clark, Antony J. Williams and Sean Ekins

Renewable Plant-Based Raw Materials for Industry 87
Divya Bajpai Tripathy and Anuradha Mishra

Sustainable Synthesis of Fine Chemicals from Aliphatic Nitro Compounds 105
Roberto Ballini and Alessandro Palmieri

Sustainable Production of Glycerol 119
Rosaria Ciriminna and Mario Pagliaro

Production of Biopropylene Using Biomass-Derived Sources 129
Efterpi S. Vasiliadou and Angeliki A. Lemonidou

Methylethers from Alcohols and Dimethyl Carbonate 143
Fabio Aricò and Pietro Tundo

Sustainable Surfactants Based on Amino Acids 159
Lourdes Pérez, M. Rosa Infante and Aurora Pinazo

Sustainable Biosurfactants 175
Divya Bajpai Tripathy and Anuradha Mishra

Solvent Systems for Sustainable Chemistry 193
Francesca M. Kerton

Fluorous Hydrocarbon Oxidation 211
Gianluca Pozzi and Silvio Quici

Ionic Liquids: Industrial Applications 221
Geeta Durga and Anuradha Mishra

Ionic Liquids: Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulose 235
Ronny M. Wahlström and Anna K. Suurnäkki

Ionic Liquids: Applications by Computational Design 249
Arunprakash T. Karunanithi, Reza Farahipour and Kamila Dilmurat

Ionic Liquids: Recycling 263
Evangelos Sklavounos, Jussi K.J. Helminen, Ilkka Kilpeläinen, Alistair W.T. King and Lasse Kyllönen

Ionic Liquids: Bacterial Degradation in Wastewater Treatment Plants 279
Elena Diaz, Victor Monsalvo, Jose Palomar and Angel F. Mohedano

Water Treatment by Electrocoagulation 293
Ville V. Kuokkanen

Sustainable Water Remediation 305
Anjali Gupta and Anuradha Mishra

Dimethylcarbonate for the Catalytic Upgrading of Amines and Bio-Based Derivatives 321
Maurizio Selva, Alvise Perosa, Sandro Guidi and Lisa Cattelan

Sustainable Syntheses with Microwave Irradiation 333
Tanvi Vats and Anuradha Mishra

Radical Reactions, 𝛃-Cyclodextrin and Chitosan and Aqueous Media: From Fundamental Reactions to Potential Applications 351
Victoria T. Perchyonok

Catalytic Epoxidation of Organics from Vegetable Sources 373
Matteo Guidotti and Chiara Palumbo

Catalytic Cyclic Carbonate Synthesis with Sustainable Metals 385
James W. Comerford, Ian D.V. Ingram, Michael North and Xiao Wu

Solid Catalysts for Epoxidation with Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide 399
José M. Fraile

TiO𝟐-Based Heterogeneous Catalysis for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation and Photodegradation 409
Jing Wang, Wei Li Ong, Minmin Gao, Liangliang Zhu and Ghim Wei Ho

Photocatalytic Production of Hydrogen with Earth-Abundant Metal Catalysts 439
Shunichi Fukuzumi and Yusuke Yamada

Multifunctional MOF-Based Photocatalysis 451
Dengrong Sun and Zhaohui Li

Sustainable Nanomaterials 467
Shahzad Ahmad, Divya Bajpai Tripathy and Anuradha Mishra

Sustainable Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanostructures 483
Nasir Baig R.B., Mallikarjuna N. Nadagouda and Vivek Polshettiwar

Micellar Nanoreactors 495
Alessandro Scarso

Index 513