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A Companion to Medieval Art: Romanesque and Gothic in Northern Europe, 2nd Edition




A Companion to Medieval Art: Romanesque and Gothic in Northern Europe, 2nd Edition

Conrad Rudolph (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-07774-9 February 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 1040 Pages


A fully updated and comprehensive companion to Romanesque and Gothic art history

This definitive reference brings together cutting-edge scholarship devoted to the Romanesque and Gothic traditions in Northern Europe and provides a clear analytical survey of what is happening in this major area of Western art history. The volume comprises original theoretical, historical, and historiographic essays written by renowned and emergent scholars who discuss the vibrancy of medieval art from both thematic and sub-disciplinary perspectives.

Part of the Blackwell Companions to Art History, A Companion to Medieval Art, Second Edition features an international and ambitious range of contributions covering reception, formalism, Gregory the Great, pilgrimage art, gender, patronage, marginalized images, the concept of spolia, manuscript illumination, stained glass, Cistercian architecture, art of the crusader states, and more.

  • Newly revised edition of a highly successful companion, including 11 new articles
  • Comprehensive coverage ranging from vision, materiality, and the artist through to architecture, sculpture, and painting
  • Contains full-color illustrations throughout, plus notes on the book’s many distinguished contributors 

A Companion to Medieval Art: Romanesque and Gothic in Northern Europe, Second Edition is an exciting and varied study that provides essential reading for students and teachers of Medieval art.

Notes on Contributors ix

Series Editor’s Preface xvii

Preface to the First Edition xix

Preface to the Second Edition xxiii

1 Introduction: A Sense of Loss: An Overview of the Historiography of Romanesque and Gothic Art 1
Conrad Rudolph

2 Artifex and Opifex – The Medieval Artist 45
Beate Fricke

3 Vision 71
Cynthia Hahn

4 Materials, Materia, “Materiality” 95
Aden Kumler

5 Reception of Images by Medieval Viewers 119
Madeline Harrison Caviness

6 Narrative, Narratology, and Meaning 147
Suzanne Lewis

7 Formalism 171
Linda Seidel

8 Gender and Medieval Art 195
Brigitte Kurmann‐Schwarz

9 Gregory the Great and Image Theory in Northern Europe During the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries 221
Herbert L. Kessler

10 Iconography 245
Shirin Fozi

11 Art and Exegesis 267
Christopher G. Hughes

12 Whodunnit? Patronage, the Canon, and the Problematics of Agency in Romanesque and Gothic Art 287
Jill Caskey

13 Collecting (and Display) 309
Pierre Alain Mariaux

14 The Concept of Spolia 331
Dale Kinney

15 The Monstrous 357
Thomas E.A. Dale

16 Making Sense of Marginalized Images in Manuscripts and Religious Architecture 383
Laura Kendrick

17 Definitions and Explanations of the Romanesque Style in Architecture from the 1960s to the Present Day 407
Eric Fernie

18 Romanesque Sculpture in Northern Europe 417
Colum Hourihane

19 Modern Origins of Romanesque Sculpture 439
Robert A. Maxwell

20 The Historiography of Romanesque Manuscript Illumination 463
Adam S. Cohen

21 The Study of Gothic Architecture 489
Stephen Murray

22 France, Germany, and the Historiography of Gothic Sculpture 513
Jacqueline E. Jung

23 Gothic Manuscript Illustration: The Case of France 547
Anne D. Hedeman

24 “‘Specially English’: Gothic Illumination c.1190 to the Early Fourteenth Century” 569
Kathryn A. Smith

25 From Institutional to Private and from Latin to the Vernacular: German Manuscript Illumination in the Thirteenth Century 601
Michael Curschmann

26 Glazing Medieval Buildings 627
Elizabeth Carson Pastan

27 Toward a Historiography of the Sumptuous Arts 657
Brigitte Buettner

28 Reliquaries 681
Cynthia Hahn

29 East Meets West: The Art and Architecture of the Crusader States 705
Jaroslav Folda

30 Gothic in the Latin East 729
Michalis Olympios

31 Art and Liturgy in the Middle Ages 759
Eric Palazzo

32 Architectural Layout: Design, Structure, and Construction in Northern Europe 777
Marie‐Therese Zenner

33 Sculptural Programs 801
Bruno Boerner

34 The Art and Architecture of Female Monasticism 823
Jeffrey F. Hamburger

35 Cistercian Architecture 857
Peter Fergusson

36 Art and Pilgrimage: Mapping the Way 881
Paula Gerson

37 “The Scattered Limbs of the Giant”: Recollecting Medieval Architectural Revivals 907
Tina Waldeier Bizzarro

38 Medieval Art Collections 933
Janet T. Marquardt

39 The Modern Medieval Museum 957
Michelle P. Brown

Index 977