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Digital Macro and Close-Up Photography For Dummies




Digital Macro and Close-Up Photography For Dummies

Thomas Clark

ISBN: 978-1-118-08918-7 July 2011 336 Pages


Master macro techniques and capture brilliant up-close photos

Macro photography uses specialty lenses and advanced digital cameras to capture stunning up-close images. This book helps you understand the nuances of macro techniques so you can take unique and remarkable close-up digital photos. Equipment recommendations, helpful tips, and coverage of specialized elements that are exclusive to macro photography all aim to make you more savvy and comfortable with macro and close-up techniques. In addition, the easy-to-follow steps and suggested exercises go a long way to make you more familiar with your camera's capabilities so that you can take fantastic photos.

  • Introduces the techniques of macro photography and explores how to capture stunning close-up digital photos
  • Reviews using macro lenses, extension tubes, reversing rings, and other camera equipment and accessories
  • Shares tips for exposure and lighting techniques in the macro format
  • Addresses depth of field, working distance, and framing when shooting
  • Covers where to find subjects to shoot and setting up your macro studio

With full-color examples and technique comparisons, this fun and friendly book presents step-by-step guidance for taking your close-up photography skills to the next level.


Part I: Getting Acquainted with Macro and Close-Up Photography.

Chapter 1: Discovering the Basics of Macro and Close-Up Photography.

Chapter 2: Close-Up, but No Cigar: How Macro and Close-Up Photography Differ.

Chapter 3: Developing an Eye for Details.

Part II: Equipment: What You Need, What's Nice to Have.

Chapter 4: Lenses and the Tools That Enhance Them.

Chapter 5: Choosing the Right Macro Lens for You.

Chapter 6: Grasping the Gear That Gets You the Shot.

Chapter 7: Macro Photography and Your Point and Shoot Digital Camera.

Part III: Creating Successful Images: Light, Composition, and Exposure.

Chapter 8: Making the Most of Natural Light.

Chapter 9: Shooting in the Studio with Artifi cial Light Sources.

Chapter 10: Composing Macro and Close-Up Images to Suit Your Subjects.

Chapter 11: Choosing the Appropriate Exposure Settings for Your Subjects.

Part IV: Techniques for Shooting Subjects of All Types.

Chapter 12: Macro and Close-Up Photography in Nature.

Chapter 13: Close-Ups of People (And Other Animals).

Chapter 14: Small Product and Still-Life Photography.

Chapter 15: Tricks of the Trade for Jewelry and Other Refl ective Subjects.

Chapter 16: Extreme Macro Photography: Working with Tiny Subjects.

Chapter 17: Improving Your Macro and Close-Up Images in Postproduction.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Close-Up Photography with Your Digital Point and Shoot.

Chapter 19: Ten Subjects to Explore with Macro and Close-Up Photography.