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Dog Photography For Dummies

Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

ISBN: 978-1-118-17075-5 September 2011 320 Pages


Tips and tricks for capturing your canine's personality with every click of the camera

Simply snapping a picture may not capture the playfulness or spontaneity of a dog. Knowing what kind of equipment, angle, and composition to use while photographing a dog can make all the difference in the character captured in the photo. Dog Photography For Dummies gives you practical and fun guidance for capturing your dog's personality and turning ordinary shots into priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

Covering all the latest and greatest gadgets and accessories available to capture and alter photos of your favorite pooch, Dog Photography For Dummies offers techniques that amateurs and intermediates alike can use to improve their photography skills. This hands-on guide features great examples of dog portraiture, plus tons of ideas for fun new places to pose your furry friend, such as the beach, the park, the car, in the snow, and more.

  • Detailed discussions of color versus black-and-white, indoors versus outdoors, composition, and capturing movement
  • Advice on how to get a dog to sit still
  • Considerations for photographing a shy dog who is scared of the camera
  • Guidance on making the most of natural light
  • Tips for photographing dogs with black (or dark) coats
  • How to photograph people and dogs together

Whether for decorating, memories, or holiday cards, Dog Photography For Dummies makes it easy to capture the best of your four-legged friend.

Introduction 1

Part I: Heel! The Basics of Dog Photography 7

Chapter 1: The Big Picture of Dog Photography 9

Chapter 2: Dog Photography: It’s Like No Other Animal! 19

Chapter 3: Mutts and Bolts: Photography Equipment 29

Chapter 4: Paws-ing for the Basics: Camera Settings and Techniques 47

Part II: Fetch! Go Get That Perfect Photo 73

Chapter 5: Photographing Indoors 75

Chapter 6: Photographing in the Great Outdoors 91

Chapter 7: Taking Studio-Style Portraits 109

Chapter 8: Capturing Flawless Action 123

Chapter 9: Zooming in on Close-Ups and Details 139

Chapter 10: Capturing the Love: Dogs and Their People 153

Part III: Sit! What to Do after the Photo Shoot 171

Chapter 11: Introduction to Postprocessing 173

Chapter 12: Editing and Saving Your Final Shots189

Chapter 13: Showing Off Your Photos 219

Chapter 14: Make No Bones about It: The Business of Dog Photography 229

Part IV: The Part of Tens 253

Chapter 15: Ten Ways to Make Your Photo Sessions Fun 255

Chapter 16: Doggone It! Conquering Ten Common Challenges 261

Chapter 17: Pro-Bone-O: More than Ten Tips for Giving Back 273

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Promote Your New Business Endeavor 281

Index 287