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Hands-On Art Activities for the Elementary Classroom: Seasonal, Holiday, and Design Activities for Grades K-5




Hands-On Art Activities for the Elementary Classroom: Seasonal, Holiday, and Design Activities for Grades K-5

Jude Cataldo

ISBN: 978-0-471-56339-6 September 2006 Jossey-Bass 240 Pages


Whether you have the luxury of teaching in your own art room or must carry your materials from classroom to classroom, Hands-On Art Activities for the Elementary Classroom is the resource for you.   It offers a great collection of 80 fun and simple projects, which teach basic art concepts and don’t need a lot of special materials, that are appropriate for any elementary school art class. The book is divided into four major sections: Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer, and Design Activities and includes a year’s supply of seasonal projects, holiday activities, and activities that teach specific art techniques. All the projects contain a designation for the appropriate grade level, directions for both teachers and students, a detailed description and illustration of the activity, a list of the materials required, an explanation of how to prepare to teach the activity, and information about how the project connects to other disciplines. 
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1. Sunflower Garden (K–2).

2. Owl’s Home (2–3).

3. Pointillist Autumn Landscape (3–4).

4. Harvest Apple (3–4).

5. Leaf Frame (3–4).

Columbus Day.

6. The Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria (3–4).


7. Flying Bat (K–2).

8. Clothesline Ghost (1–2).

9. Haunted House (1–3).

10. Pumpkin Face (2–3).

Day of the Dead.

11. Skull (3–5).


12. Harvest Corn (K–3).

13. First Thanksgiving Dinner (1–3).

14. Turkey Mosaic (2–3).

15. Turkey Pinecone Mobile (2–3).

16. Native American Canoe (2–3).

17. Tribal Shield (3–4).

18. Totem Pole (3–4).



19. Marshmallow Snowman (K–1).

20. Penguins at Play (K–1).

21. Three-Dimensional Snowman Family (1–3).

22. Sled Ride (2–3).

23. Snowflake (2–4).

24. Toboggan Ride (2–4).

25. Bear Family House (3–4).

26. Pop-Up Winter Landscape (3–5).


27. Menorah (2–3).

28. Dreidel (2–4).


29. Tree Stencil (K–3).

30. Santa’s Nighttime Visit (K–3).

31. Tissue-Ball Wreath (1–3).

32. Angel Ornament (2–3).

33. Holiday Bell (2–4).


34. African Kofi (Hat) (3–4).

Chinese New Year.

35. Paper Lantern (2–4).

36. Fish Wind Sock (3–4).

Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

37. Color My World (3–4).

Groundhog Day.

38. Groundhog Puppet (K–2).

Valentine’s Day.

39. Valentine Mobile (1–3).

40. 3D Valentine’s Day Card (1–5).

41. Concentric Hearts (2–4).

42. Valentine Quilt (2–4).

43. Flowery Heart (3–4).

St. Patrick’s Day.

44. Pot o’ Gold Rainbow (1–3).

Spring and Summer.


45. Flower Piñata (2–4).

46. Flower Wall Hanging (2–5).

47. “Gone Fishing” (1–2).

48. Frog and Lily Pad Mural (K–2).

Earth Day.

49. World Mobile (3–5).


50. Seder Place Setting (2–3).

51. Mosaic Cup (2–4).


52. Bunny Bookmark (K–2).

53. Peek-a-Boo Chick (1–3).

54. Paper Basket (2–3).

Cinco de Mayo.

55. Cinco de Mayo Sombrero (1–4).

Mother’s Day.

56. Teapot Tea Bag Holder (1–3).

Flag Day.

57. “Hands Across America” Flag (K–5).

58. Flag Mobile (1–5).

Father’s Day.

59. Shirt and Tie (K–2).

60. Bear Candy Box (2–3).

Design Activities.


61. Magazine Paper Weaving (3–5).


62. Craft Stick Necklace (3–5).

63. Bingo-Style Game (1–3).

64. Papier-Mâché Bowl (3–5).

65. Triangle Sculpture (3–5).


66. Sea Life Mobile (1–4).

67. Origami Fish Mobile (3–5).


68. Animal Cookie Picture Frame (1–3).


69. Leaping Dolphin (3–4).

70. Cityscape (3–5).


71. Flower Finger Puppet (K–2).

Paper Folding.

72. Accordion-Playing Bear (K–3).


73. Jigsaw Puzzle (K–2).

74. Arcs Patterns (K–5).

75. Create-a-Person Book (1–3).

76. Overlapping Hands (1–4).


77. Painted Butterfly (K–4).

78. Drip Painting (2–4).

Block Printing.

79. Leaf Print Collage (2–5).

80. String Print (3–5).

Detailed step-by-step instructions for putting together over 80 simple and interesting projects that teach basic art concepts and techniques to elementary students. Projects are coded by grade level.

Perfect for teachers who teach "art from a cart," but also appropriate for any elementary teacher who is short on time and resources.  Materials are inexpensive, readily available, and can be easily transported between classrooms, a big plus for the many art teachers who don't have their own rooms.

Projects include instructions, illustrations, and ready-to-use patterns for students, as well as information for teachers on preparing for the lesson, helping students understand the concepts presented, and enriching the experience with connections to other disciplines .

Sections include design activities, seasonal activities, and holiday activities, giving the art teacher a year's supply of interesting projects.