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Advanced Millimeter-wave Technologies: Antennas, Packaging and Circuits


CAD $230.00

Advanced Millimeter-wave Technologies: Antennas, Packaging and Circuits


This book explains one of the hottest topics in wireless and electronic devices community, namely the wireless communication at mmWave frequencies, especially at the 60 GHz ISM band.  It provides the reader with knowledge and techniques for mmWave antenna design, evaluation, antenna and chip packaging.
  • Addresses practical engineering issues such as RF material evaluation and selection, antenna and packaging requirements, manufacturing tolerances, antenna and system interconnections, and antenna
  • One of the first books to discuss the emerging research and application areas, particularly chip packages with integrated antennas, wafer scale mmWave phased arrays and imaging
  • Contains a good number of case studies to aid understanding
  • Provides the antenna and packaging technologies for the latest and emerging applications with the emphases on antenna integrations for practical applications such as wireless USB, wireless video, phase array, automobile collision avoidance radar, and imaging 
Chapter 1: Intruduction (Gaucher).

Chapter 2: mmWave Packaging (Pfeiffer).

Chapter 3: Dielectric Properties at mmWave and THz Bands (Dougherty, Lanagan, Rajab).

Chapter 4: mmWave Interconnects (Grzyb).

Chapter 5: Printed millimeter antennas – Multilayer technologies (Mohamed, Lafond).

Chapter 6: Planar Waveguide-Type Slot Arrays (Ando, Hirokawa).

Chapter 7: Antenna Design for 60 GHz Packaging Applications (Liu).

Chapter 8: Monolithic Integrated Antennas (Öjefors, Rydberg).

Chapter 9: Metamaterial for Antenna Applications (Itoh, Lai, Lee).

Chapter 10: EBG Materials and Antennas (Weily, Esselle, Bird).

Chapter 11: System to Circuit and Technology Implementation of RF and mmWave Switches (Plouchar).

Chapter 12: MEMS Switches (Hoivik).

Chapter 13: Phased Arrays (Pao, Aguirre).

Chapter 14: Integrated Phased Array (Hajimiri).

Chapter 15: mmWave/THz Imaging (Luhmann, Yang, Shen).

Chapter 16: Millimeter-Wave System Overview (Reynolds).

Chapter 17: Special MMW Measurement Techniques (Zwick, Pfeiffer).

Chapter 18: Micromachining and Silicon Processing (Tsang, Andry, Steen)