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Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media, 3rd Edition


CAD $87.75

Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media, 3rd Edition

Robin Landa

ISBN: 978-1-118-97105-5 November 2016 264 Pages


The guide to CREATIVE multichannel advertising design

Advertising by Design inspires truly memorable advertising ideas and design—ones that encompass the fundamentals of good advertising, a spot-on insight into the target audience, and a complete understanding of the core strategic underpinnings of the brand. Broadened to incorporate tools for conceiving ads across print, mobile, television, and social media channels, the updated and expanded Third Edition allows students and professionals to set themselves apart with a skillset to confidently operate in today's sophisticated multichannel advertising ecosystem.

Brand-new material explores all the major concepts, strategies, and design principles for transmedia campaigns, from social media and mobile apps to pull marketing as well as the artful science of generating creative, and unique, branded content.

Complete with the fresh voices of top creative directors and a diverse showcase of successful ads, Advertising by Design, Third Edition, is a must-have text for students and instructors of advertising concepts and design strategies, as well as a useful reference for practitioners.

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Preface xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Chapter 1 Advertising Is . . . 2

The Purpose of Advertising 2

Broad Advertising Categories 3

Advertising Takes Many Forms 4

Media Channels: Paid, Owned, and Earned 6

Who Creates Advertising 6

The Ad Agency 10

Social Responsibility 11

Career Competencies and Expectations 12

What You Need to Know to Begin 12

Sample Creative Brief 13

Interview with Justin Moore, creative director, Venables Bell and Partners 14

Chapter 2 Composition by Design 18

Parts of an Ad 18

Image/Copy Relationship Constructions 20

Basic Design Principles 24

Directing the Viewer’s Gaze through a Composition 33

Point of View 36

Illusion of Spatial Depth 36

The Illusion of Movement 38

Campaigns by Design: Triplets versus Cousins 38

Integrated Media Campaigns 43

Start Designing 44

Case Study: Cannes Lions Touchwall 46

Case Study: Domtar PAPERbecause 48

Chapter 3 Type and Image by Design 52

Type by Design 52

Clarity of Visual Communication 52

Selecting a Typeface for Idea, Content, and Audience 53

Image by Design 61

Imagery 63

Basics of Visualizing Form 67

Integrating Type and Image 69

Interview with Milton Melendez, creative director, Red Urban 74

Chapter 4 Building a Brand Narrative in the Digital Age 78

Strategic Thinking Underpinning the Brand Story 78

Brand Story Considerations 81

Strategic Approaches 82

Brand Storytelling 86

Case Study: Renegade 88

Chapter 5 The Ad Idea 90

Six Essential Questions 90

Seeking an Insight 91

Tools 93

Idea-Generation Process 95

Thinking Creatively: More Points of Departure for Ideation 98

Case Study: Oscar Mayer: “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon” 104

Case Study: Madden GIFERATOR 106

Interview with Dave Snyder, executive creative director, Firstborn 108

Chapter 6 Storybuilding and Content Creation in the Digital Age 110

Storybuilding in the Digital Age 110

The Core Brand Narrative: The Story Ecosystem 111

Telling a Shareworthy Story 114

Story Basics 117

Story Starters 120

Case Study: Panasonic “Share the Air” Campaign 121

Case Study: Adidas Originals 122

Essay: The Power of Story by Alan Robbins, professor, Michael Graves College 124

Interview with Scott Goodson, founder, StrawberryFrog 125

Chapter 7 Deconstructing Model Formats 128

The Appeal of Transformation 128

Conveying the Advertising Message 129

Basic Formats 131

Case Study: Jordan Brand: The Last Shot 144

Interview with Sophia Lindholm, senior art director, Forsman & Bodenfors 146

Chapter 8 Copywriting 148

Which Comes First: The Image or the Copy? 148

Copy and Image: How Should They Work Together? 149

Taglines 152

The Writing Process 154

Case Study: The Art of Shaving: Evolution Campaign 156

Chapter 9 Thinking Creatively 158

Tools That Stimulate Creative Thinking 158

Creativity through Making 162

Case Study: Mini Covert 164

Case Study: The Art of Shaving Barber Spa 167

Interview with Rosie Arnold, executive creative director, BBH 168

Chapter 10 Animation, Motion by Design & Commercials: TV, Web & Film 172

Motion Serves the Idea and Storytelling 172

Storyboard 173

Ten Guiding Principles for Storytelling in Animation or Motion 174

How a Commercial Looks: Design Essentials 175

Commercials and Social & Web Films 178

Strategy/Idea/Benefi t/Channel 179

Case Study: thinkThin Integrated Campaign 184

Interview with Mark Jackson, chief technology catalyst, McCann Worldgroup 187

Chapter 11 Digital by Design: Mobile, Social & Websites 190

Experience Focused/Media Agnostic 190

Website Basics 191

Branding 192

Mobile by Design 194

Desktop Website Design 198

Website Development 201

Social by Design 206

Case Study: Clever Girls Collective 210

Case Study: UrbanDaddy 214

Essay: Understanding and Wrangling the Web, by Manik Rathee, user-experience designer, Google 216

Interview with Gerard Crichlow, director of social and cultural innovation, AMV BBDO 218

Glossary 220

Bibliography 229

Index 232