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CAD $29.95

Britain Beyond Brexit

Gavin Kelly (Editor), Nick Pearce (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-57207-7 April 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 176 Pages


'A wise and wide-ranging reminder of the things we should have been talking about when we were talking about Brexit.'
Stephanie Flanders, Head of Bloomberg Economics 

'With the national debate bogged down in the messy process of negotiating the UK’s exit from and future relationship with the EU, this book is a timely look at the bigger question: what kind of country do we want to be after Brexit and how do we make it happen? Sharp, clear writing on the most important question of our time, by some of the smartest people around.'  
Sarah O’Connor, investigations correspondent and columnist, Financial Times 

'This excellent collection of astute and forward-looking essays, from some of Britain’s leading commentators and academics, offers much-needed perspective on the emerging trends in our economy, society and politics which are reshaping the UK in fundamental ways. It is an indispensable read for those interested in understanding what these dynamics mean for public policy now, and in decades to come.'
Michael Kenny, Professor of Public Policy, University of Cambridge  

Brexit represents a critical juncture in British politics. In this new collection, leading economists, political scientists, historians and public policy experts analyse what the Brexit decision might mean for Britain’s economy, society and politics. Anticipating the challenges of the 2020s, the authors explore how Britain might change in the aftermath of the current Brexit storm. The contributions analyse the future of the British economic model, migration and the labour market, the UK’s constitution and political parties, the politics of housing, the challenge of generational conflict, tax and public spending, the prospects for the City and the future of UK trade. It is essential reading for anyone interested in how today’s Brexit decision will shape the future of the country.

Notes on Contributors
1. Introduction: Brexit and the Future of the British Model of Democratic Capitalism (GAVIN KELLY and NICK PEARCE)
2. The British Model and the Brexit Shock: Plus ça Change?  (DUNCAN WELDON)
3. Brexit and the Future of Trade (SWATI DHINGRA)
4. The City and Financial Services: Historical Perspectives on the Brexit Debate (CATHERINE SCHENK)
5. Macroeconomic Policy Beyond Brexit (SIMON WREN LEWIS)
6. The Prospects for the UK Labour Market in the Post-Brexit Era (PAUL GREGG and STEPHEN CLARKE)
7. Dual Disruptions: Brexit and Technology (DIANE COYLE)
8. Brexit and the Future of the UK’s Unbalanced Economic Geography (ANDREW CARTER and PAUL SWINNEY)
9. Can a Post-Brexit UK Grow a Knowledge-Based Economy that Works for Everyone? (GEOFF MULGAN)
10. Tax and Spending in the 2020s (GEMMA TETLOW)
11. Brexit and the Politics of Housing in Britain (BEN ANSELL and DAVID ADLER)
12. Energy Supply and Decarbonisation Beyond Brexit: Politics and Policy (MATTHEW LOCKWOOD and ANTONY FROGGATT)
13. My Generation, Baby: The Politics of Age in Brexit Britain (TORSTEN BELL and LAURA GARDINER)
14. British Culture Wars? Brexit and the Future Politics of Immigration and Ethnic Diversity (MARIA SOBOLEWSKA and ROBERT FORD)
15. The Divergent Dynamics of Cities and Towns: Geographical Polarisation and Brexit (WILL JENNINGS and GERRY STOKER)
16. Brexit and the Nations (MICHAEL KEATING)
17. The Realignment of British Politics in the Wake of Brexit (ANDREW GAMBLE)
18. Brexit and the Future of UK Capitalism (MARTIN SANDBU)