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DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing, Enhanced eText with Abridged Print Companion, 13th Edition


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DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing, Enhanced eText with Abridged Print Companion, 13th Edition

J. T. Black, Ronald A. Kohser

ISBN: 978-1-119-59298-3 March 2019

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Guiding engineering and technology students for over five decades, DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing provides a comprehensive introduction to manufacturing materials, systems, and processes. Coverage of materials focuses on properties and behavior, favoring a practical approach over complex mathematics; analytical equations and mathematical models are only presented when they strengthen comprehension and provide clarity. Material production processes are examined in the context of practical application to promote efficient understanding of basic principles, and broad coverage of manufacturing processes illustrates the mechanisms of each while exploring their respective advantages and limitations.

Aiming for both accessibility and completeness, this text offers introductory students a comprehensive guide to material behavior and selection, measurement and inspection, machining, fabrication, molding, fastening, and other important processes using plastics, ceramics, composites, and ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys. This extensive overview of the field gives students a solid foundation for advanced study in any area of engineering, manufacturing, and technology.

  • New Enhanced E-Text with added resources to make your study time more effective, including the ability to show/hide review questions, supplemental student practice questions linked from the e-text, and case studies in the e-text
  • New and revised problems, case studies, and references provide an up-to-date view of the field
  • Select problem sets have been reserved for instructor use
  • Focuses on real-world applications and design techniques relevant to a wide variety of disciplines
  • Covers new and emerging technologies, including direct-digital, 3D printing, and nano-manufacturing processes
  • Minimizes the use of complex mathematical models and analysis equations
  • Provides numerous examples, actual case studies, and up-to-date procedures
  • Engages students with clear, reader-friendly language and contemporary references
  • Strengthens comprehension with numerous illustrations, photographs, and diagrams
  • Compares and explains processes in the context of practical application