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Effective Group Coaching: Tried and Tested Tools and Resources for Optimum Coaching Results


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Effective Group Coaching: Tried and Tested Tools and Resources for Optimum Coaching Results

Jennifer J. Britton

ISBN: 978-0-470-73854-2 January 2010 Jossey-Bass 304 Pages


From the Introduction to Effective Group Coaching:

Over the last few years, economic realities and client requests have propelled group coaching to become one of the most quickly evolving areas of the coaching profession. Moving out of its early adopter days, group coaching is starting to become recognized as a subdiscipline of coaching by coaches and clients, organizations and individuals alike.

This book provides a foundation and practical perspective on group coaching—what it is and how it differs from one-on-one coaching and training, and includes ready-to-use tips and resources for coaches/practitioners in the development, implementation, and marketing of their own group coaching programs. Highlighted in this book are case studies from coaches who are undertaking this work with widely diverse groups around diverse topics.

Written for coaches (both internal and external), HR professionals, trainers, and facilitators wanting to expand their work into this area, this book provides tested tips and tools. New and seasoned coaches will find Effective Group Coaching a practical road map and goto guide when designing, implementing and marketing their own group coaching program.

What coaches are saying about Effective Group Coaching:

"In Effective Group Coaching, Jennifer Britton takes you through the process of group coaching essentials from start to finish. No matter where you are on the continuum of experience with group coaching, Jennifer provides insights, ideas, stories and exercises that will stimulate your imagination. You will be inspired to create dynamic groups and rise to greater heights with your work."
Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC, Body-Centered Coach Trainer

"Jennifer Britton has taken her many years of group coaching experience and extensive knowledge and concentrated it into this rich handbook. In Effective Group Coaching you will find everything from the must-have tools for every effective group coach to valuable online resources and the how-to's to facilitate effectively in a virtual coaching world. Once you become immersed in this book, you will want to keep it by your side."
Leslie Bendaly, Leadership Coach, Author and Principal, Kinect Consulting Group

List of Figures and Tables ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: What Is Group Coaching? 5

Chapter 2: Making It Stick—The Business (and Learning) Case for Group Coaching 33

Chapter 3: Th e Foundation of Group Coaching—Th e Essentials of Adult Learning 51

Chapter 4: Core Skills and Best Practices of Group Coaching 71

Chapter 5: Designing Your Own Group Coaching Program 95

Chapter 6: Powerful Delivery Options: In Person or Virtual 117

Chapter 7: Essential Elements for Your Group Coaching Program 141

Chapter 8: Marketing—Essential Principles 161

Chapter 9: Preparing for the Program—Systems and Logistics 187

Chapter 10: Implementing Your Program 205

Afterword: What’s Next? Trends in Group Coaching 225

Appendix: Exercises for Group Coaching 227

Endnotes 267

Recommended Resources 273

Bibliography/References 277

Index 281

About the Author/Contact Information 287