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CAD $41.95

Energy and Ethics?

Mette M. High, Jessica M. Smith

ISBN: 978-1-119-59699-8 May 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 194 Pages


This volume presents a much-needed rethinking and proposes a more nuanced, inclusive, and capacious approach to energy ethics that will help us grapple with some of the most pressing issues of our time.

  • The contributors demonstrate how ethics emerge through people’s everyday thoughts and practices, whether they work in renewables, nuclear, or fossil fuels; whether they work in industry, policy, or advocacy; whether they produce, distribute, or consume energy
  • It shows how to create an analytical space in which we can attend to people’s own experiences and evaluations without uncritically imposing judgements of how we would like the world to be
  • By attending to the broader political and economic contexts in which these everyday energy encounters take place, this volume draws attention to the plurality and complexity that characterises the multiple and overlapping ‘ethical worlds’ in which we, our interlocutors, and other beings participate

Notes on contributors 

Introduction: the ethical constitution of energy dilemmas 
Mette M. High & Jessica M. Smith

1 Projects of devotion: energy exploration and moral ambition in the cosmoeconomy of oil and gas in the Western United States 
Mette M. High

2 The solar good: energy ethics in poor markets 
Jamie Cross

3 Orphaned wells, oil assets, and debt: the competing ethics of value creation and care withinpetrocapitalist projects of return 
Caura Wood

4 Boom to bust, ashes to (coal) dust: the contested ethics of energy exchanges in a declining US coalmarket 
Jessica M. Smith

5 The ordinary ethics of charcoal in northern Madagascar 
Andrew Walsh

6 Consulting virtue: from judgement to decision-making in the natural gas industry 
Arthur Mason

7 Fuel of fear and force: gasoline’s energetic power and its entanglement in composite ethics 
Amy Penfield

8 Greater goods: ethics, energy, and other-than-human speech 
Cymene Howe

Conclusion: Energy ethics and ethical worlds 
Hannah Appel