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Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making, 3rd Edition


CAD $49.50

Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making, 3rd Edition

Sam Kaner

ISBN: 978-1-118-40495-9 April 2014 Jossey-Bass 432 Pages

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“This book is an outstanding resource for tackling complex community and business challenges. We’ve used it both at the City of Denver and at the State of Colorado. I keep a copy on my desk for easy reference.”
—Roxane White, chief of staff for Governor John Hickenlooper, State Capitol, Denver, Colorado

“Sam Kaner is one of the world’s leading experts on collaboration. His grasp of the challenges and dilemmas of collaboration is superb, as are his models and methods for facilitating complex processes. Clearly written and wonderfully illustrated, this book makes difficult issues understandable and provides sound, practical guidance.”
—Sandy Schuman, editor, Creating a Culture of Collaboration and founding editor, Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal

“It was a revelation to find the Facilitator’s Guide and realize someone had written down the way our organization was already working organically. Using this book has allowed us to put a translatable and trainable framework around what we do. Kaner and Fisk are masters at their craft.”
—Harley K. Dubois, founder, Burning Man Project

“NCDD has long listed the Facilitator’s Guide as one of the best-of-the-best resources for practitioners. The field of public engagement has been deeply influenced by this seminal book.”
—Sandy Heierbacher, director and co-founder, National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD)

“At Stanford University I convene an annual conference attended by hundreds of non-profit leaders. Sam Kaner’s keynote presentations, based on material from this book, are consistently top-rated and likely to inspire significant organizational change.”
—Regina Starr Ridley, publishing director, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Stanford University

“What a practical, sensible guide for helping groups work together in a realistic way!”
—Marvin Weisbord, consultant and author, Productive Workplaces and coauthor, Discovering Common Ground and Future Search

“In cross-functional environments where diverse perspectives are intentionally brought together to produce high-quality thinking, a highly skilled facilitator can add great value, and Sam Kaner is one of the best. The Facilitator’s Guide provides a full set of models and tools to enable an organization to reap the benefits of a well facilitated, participatory decision-making process. Having seen Sam’s methods in action, I can attest to their power and effectiveness.”
—Pierre Omidyar, founder and chairman, eBay and Omidyar Network

“Our organization employs a staff of several thousand who touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people living in poverty, in developing nations across the globe. As we build our capacity to convene and facilitate multi-stakeholder processes, we have found Sam Kaner’s book and his teachings to be immensely beneficial.”
—Jamie Watts, Institutional Learning and Change, CGIAR, Bioversity International, Rome, Italy

Foreword by Michael Doyle xv

Introduction to the First Edition xxi

Introduction to the Third Edition xxv

Part I: Grounding Principles

1 The Dynamics of Group Decision-Making 3

2 Participatory Values 23

3 Introduction to the Role of Facilitator 31

Part II: Facilitator Fundamentals

4 Facilitative Listening Skills 41

5 ChartWriting Technique 65

6 Brainstorming 79

7 Tools for Managing Long Lists 87

8 Facilitating Open Discussion 99

9 Alternatives to Open Discussion 113

10 Effective Agendas: Design Principles 145

11 Effective Agendas: Desired Outcomes 161

12 Effective Agendas: Process Design 177

13 Dealing with Difficult Dynamics 197

14 Classic Facilitator Challenges 215

Part III: Sustainable Agreements

15 Principles for Building Sustainable Agreements 229

16 Inclusive Solutions in Real Life 239

17 Creative Reframing 253

Part IV: Facilitating Sustainable Agreements

Introduction to Part Four  262

18 Facilitating in the Divergent Zone 265

19 Facilitating in the Groan Zone 279

20 Facilitating in the Convergent Zone 295

21 Teaching a Group About Group Dynamics 309

Part V: Reaching Closure

22 The Significance of Clear Decision Rules 323

23 Striving for Unanimity 333

24 Reaching Closure Step By Step 347

25 Facilitating Sustainable Agreements 363

Photocopying Policy 373

Bibliography 375

Acknowledgments 381

The Authors 387

Index 389

Covision 399

Community At Work 400

Training from Community At Work 401