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Gender and Creative Labour

Gender and Creative Labour

Bridget Conor, Rosalind Gill, Stephanie Taylor

ISBN: 978-1-119-06239-4

Jun 2015, Wiley-Blackwell

224 pages

Select type: Paperback

CAD $37.95

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Gender and Creative Labour presents a collection of readings that reflect the latest research related to employment positions in a range of creative industries to show the gender implications of creative labour under contemporary neoliberal economic policies.

  • Features contributions from a range of international experts
  • Includes studies from the US, UK, Oceania and Europe
  • Reveals the implications of contemporary femininities and masculinities for the precarious employment created under neoliberalism
  • Addresses the additional burdens that women face in creative occupations
Series editor’s acknowledgements


Part 1: Introduction

Gender and creative labour
Bridget Conor, Rosalind Gill and Stephanie Taylor

Part 2: Sexism, segregation and gender roles

Sex, gender and work segregation in the cultural industries
David Hesmondhalgh and Sarah Baker

Unmanageable inequalities: sexism in the film industry
Deborah Jones and Judith K. Pringle

Part 3: Flexibility and informality
Getting in, getting on, getting out? Women as career scramblers in the UK film and television industries
Leung Wing-Fai, Rosalind Gill and Keith Randle

Labile labour – gender, flexibility and creative work
George Morgan and Pariece Nelligan

Birds of a feather: informal recruitment practices and gendered outcomes for screenwriting work in the UK film industry
Natalie Wreyford

Part 4: Image-making and representation

Blowing your own trumpet: exploring the gendered dynamics of self-promotion in the classical music profession
Christina Scharff

‘Egotist’, ‘masochist’, ‘supplicant’: Charlie and Donald Kaufman and the gendered screenwriter as creative worker
Bridget Conor

Genre anxiety: women travel writers’ experience of work
Ana Alacovska

The heroic body: toughness, femininity and the stunt double
Miranda J. Banks and Lauren Steimer

Part 5: Boundary-crossing

When Adam blogs: cultural work and the gender division of labour in Utopia
Ursula Huws

A new mystique?Working for yourself in the neoliberal economy
Stephanie Taylor

Hungry for the job: gender, unpaid internships, and the creative industries
Leslie Regan Shade and Jenna Jacobson

Notes on contributors