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CAD $29.99

History of Quebec For Dummies

Éric Bédard

ISBN: 978-1-118-44055-1 July 2013 384 Pages


Grasp the unique history of Quebec? Easy.

Packing in equal parts fun and facts, History of Quebec For Dummies is an engaging and entertaining guide to the history of Canada's second-largest province, covering the conflicts, cultures, ideas, politics, and social changes that have shaped Quebec as we know it today.

"My country isn't a country, it is winter!" sings the poet Gilles Vigneault . . . Indeed, Quebec is winter, snow, cold, and freezing winds. It is also the majestic river Saint-Laurent and its numerous confluences across America. It is vast, dense forests, countless lakes, magnificent landscapes of Saguenay, Charlevoix, Côte-Nord, or Gaspésie. Quebec is also the "old capital" perched on the Cape Diamond facing the sea. It is Montreal, the first French city of North America, the creative and innovative metropolis, junction for different cultures and heart of a nation yearning to belong to the world's history. History of Quebec For Dummies tells Quebec's fascinating story from the early fifteen hundreds to the present, highlighting the culture, language, and traditions of Canada's second-largest province.

  • Serves as the ideal starting place to learn about Quebec
  • Covers the latest, up-to-the-minute findings in historical research
  • Explores the conflicts, cultures, ideas, politics, and social changes in Quebec

Lifelong learners and history buffs looking for a fun-yet-factual introduction to the grand scope of Quebec history will find everything they need in History of Quebec For Dummies.

Foreword  xiii

Introduction  1

Part I: New France (1524–1754)  7

Chapter 1: Looking for China — and Finding Quebec! (1524–1610) 9

Chapter 2: Founding a Colony (1611–1660) 25

Chapter 3: Exploring a Continent (1661–1701) 41

Chapter 4: A French Province (1701–1754) 55

Part II: Conquered but Still Alive (1754–1867)  71

Chapter 5: The Coming of the English (1754–1763) 73

Chapter 6: The American Temptation (1763–1790) 85

Chapter 7: The Birth of Lower Canada and the Parti Canadien (1791–1822) 97

Chapter 8: From the Repression of the Patriotes to the Act of Union (1823–1840) 111

Chapter 9: Responsible Government and Religious Awakening (1840–1860) 125

Chapter 10: Confederation (1860–1867) 137

Part III: Survival (1867–1939)  149

Chapter 11: “Riel, Our Brother, Is Dead” (1867–1896) 151

Chapter 12: Conscription (1897–1928) 163

Chapter 13: The Depression (1929–1938) 175

Part IV: The Quiet Reconquest (1939–1967)  189

Chapter 14: War (1939–1944) 191

Chapter 15: Le Chef (1944–1959) 203

Chapter 16: The “Quiet Revolution” (1959–1962) 217

Chapter 17: The Reforms Continue (1963–1967) 231

Part V: Province or Country? (1967 to Today)  247

Chapter 18: Revolt (1967–1972) 249

Chapter 19: The Opening of James Bay and the Election of the Parti Québécois (1973–1979) 263

Chapter 20: Federalism: A Risk Worth Taking (1980–1987) 279

Chapter 21: Almost a Country (1987–1995) 295

Chapter 22: Balanced Budget and Reasonable Accommodation (1996–2012) 311

Part VI: The Part of Tens  327

Chapter 23: Ten Mythical Personalities 329

Chapter 24: Ten Quebec Symbols 337

Chapter 25: Ten Quebec Landmarks 345

Index  353

Bonus Content Chapter 1: Chronology
Bonus Content Chapter 2: Map of Quebec
Bonus Content Chapter 3: Suggestions for Further Readings