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Inorganic Chemistry in Focus II

Inorganic Chemistry in Focus II

Gerd Meyer (Editor), Dieter Naumann (Editor), Lars Wesemann (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-30811-8 April 2005 416 Pages


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Written specifically for scientists seeking an insight into this field outside of their own specific area of focus, this series offers a truly comprehensive overview of every area in inorganic chemistry.

In this second volume, the editors have assembled an international team of experts who provide an unparalleled look at their latest research results in:
reaction mechanisms
aluminum(I) chemistry
solid state chemistry
transition metals
structural chemistry
and many related topics.

For everyone wanting to stay abreast of developments in this increasingly specialized field.

From reviews to the first Volume I Inorganic Chemistry Highlights:

"This volume, valuable for teachers, researchers, and advanced students, provides us with numerous brief overviews of modern/hot highlights in the field of inorganic chemistry.... The editors appear to have been quite successful in their endavor. ... Many of the authors are recognized experts in their aeras. ... The presentation is excellent, ... This volume should have an excellent impact, particularly among those who wish to expand their breadth and understanding of modern inorganic chemistry,... We look forward to the appearance of Volume 2"
On the Track of Reaction Mechanisms: Characterization and Reactivity of Metal Atom Dimers
Noble Gas Hydride Compounds
Polycationic Clusters of the Heavier Group 15 and 16 Elements
Metal-Catalyzed Dehydrocoupling Routes to Rings, Chains and Macromolecules Based on Elements from Groups 13 and 15
Chemistry with Poly- and Perfluorinated Alkoxyaluminates: Gas Phase Cations in the Condensed Phase?
Aluminium(I) Chemistry
Divalent Scandium
Rare-Earth Metal-Rich Tellurides. A Spectrum of Solid State Chemistry, Metal-Metal Bonding and Principles
Zintl Phases of Tetralides -
Old Problems and Their Solution
Nonclassical Sb-Sb Bonding in Transition Metal Antimonides
Transition Metal Organosulfur Coordination Polymers
Molybdenum(Tungsten)-Copper(Silver)-Thiolates: Rationally Designed Syntheses from "Reactive" Building Blocks
Reactivity of Unsaturated Organic Compounds at Ruthenium(II) Centers -
The Relevance of Metallacyclopentatriene Intermediates
Osmium(VIII) Oxide and Oxide Fluoride Chemistry
Liquid-Crystalline Lanthanide Complexes
Rare Earth Borates: An Overview from the Structural Chemistry Aspect
Ordered Siliceous Mesostructured Materials: Synthesis and Morphology Control
Local Crystal Chemistry, Structured Diffuse Scattering and Inherently Flexible Framework Structures (Silicas, Zeolites, Perovskites, Fresnoites,...)
Non-Oxide Optical Glasses: Properties, Structures and Applications