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Intermediate Accounting, Volume 1, 11th Canadian Edition


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Intermediate Accounting, Volume 1, 11th Canadian Edition

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The Kieso, Weygandt, Warfield, Young, Wiecek, McConomy: Intermediate Accounting text has an outstanding reputation as "THE" text for intermediate accounting and is viewed as a reliable resource by accounting students, faculty, and professionals. After listening carefully to instructors and students alike, and after having built on what we have learned over ten successful editions and more than 30 years of being the market leader, we are confident that the eleventh edition will continue to meet the needs of instructors and students.

With the merging of CMA/CA/CGA into the CPA, instructors want materials that link to the competencies that are outlined by the CPA.  Kieso has done this and has adapted many questions to prepare students for the CPA designation. This, along with the integration of the International Accounting Standards and their comparison with Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises enhances the main goal of the book, “to help students understand, prepare and use financial information by linking education with the 'real-world’ accounting environment". Our industry-experienced and leading-edge author expertise in the field of IFRS, combined with an update of the text's technical content ensures that accounting faculty and students can continue to rely on Intermediate Accounting.

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Volume 1:

Chapter 1 The Canadian Financial Reporting Environment

Chapter 2 Conceptual Framework Underlying Financial Reporting

Chapter 3 The Accounting Information System and Measurement Issues

Chapter 4 Reporting Financial Performance

Chapter 5 Financial Position and Cash Flows

Chapter 6 Revenue Recognition

Chapter 7 Cash and Receivables

Chapter 8 Inventory

Chapter 9 Investments

Chapter 10 Property, Plant, and Equipment: Accounting Model Basics

Chapter 11 Depreciation, Impairment, and Disposition

Chapter 12 Intangible Assets and Goodwill


Volume 2:

Chapter 13 Non-Financial and Current Liabilities

Chapter 14 Long-Term Financial Liabilities               

Chapter 15 Shareholders' Equity

Chapter 16 Complex Financial Instruments

Chapter 17 Earnings Per Share

Chapter 18 Income Taxes   

Chapter 19 Pensions and Other Employee Future Benefits

Chapter 20 Leases

Chapter 21 Accounting Changes and Error Analysis

Chapter 22 Statement of Cash Flows 

Chapter 23 Other Measurement and Disclosure Issues

  • Material is now linked to the CPA competency map. As well, questions that relate to CPA technical and enabling competencies are indicated with an icon
  • Theme of Integration: 1. Introduced and explained in the introduction; 2. Learning objectives are linked to the CPA competency map; 3. Linking to the CPA Competency Map for other technical and enabling competency areas is indicated throughout the text; 4. End of chapter material has integration icons that show links to CPA competencies; 5. Videos are added to emphasize how integration works.
  • NEW problem walkthroughs have been added to help professor flip the classroom and provide more assistance outside the classroom.
  • The number of additional WileyPLUS problems has doubled.
  • NEW Excel skills for accounting and new Excel templates with end-of-chapter material.
  • Even after the book is published, our authors continue to keep faculty up to date with teaching resources for changes in standards by adding materials to the instructor resource site.
  • Authoritative Content:  No other text has prepared more accounting professionals than Intermediate Accounting.  It is current, accurate, and comprehensive.
  • Problems and Exercises:  IntermediateAccounting provides the most comprehensive practice with the highest quality and greatest quantity of problems and exercises both within the text and online so that students fully understand each concept.
  • Currency and Accuracy: Refined and revised over multiple editions, this text provides the highest level of currency and accuracy available.
  • IFRS and ASPE Coverage:  International standards and their impact on the practice of accounting in Canada and comparisons with Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE) continue to be integrated throughout the text. Students are given the option of looking at both methods for treating the same topic.  IFRS/ASPE icons call attention to items treated differently by the two standards.
  • A variety of pedagogical features including Chapter Previews with flowcharts showing the breakdown of the contents of the chapter and how they are linked, as well as Underlying Concepts notes in the margins, Understanding the Business section that introduces the accounting topic in the context of everyday business and What Do The Numbers Mean? discussions throughout each chapter. Other features include, Cumulative Problems and Digging Deeper to challenge students. 
  • WileyPLUS is a research-based online environment for effective teaching and learning. It is packed with interactive study tools and resources–including the complete online textbook–to give your students more value for their money.  WileyPLUS is now equipped with an adaptive learning module called ORION. Based on cognitive science, WileyPLUS with ORION, provides students with a personal, adaptive learning experience so they can build their proficiency on topics and use their study time most effectively. WileyPLUS with ORION helps students learn by learning about them.