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Introduction to Material and Energy Balances


CAD $227.95

Introduction to Material and Energy Balances

Gintaras V. Reklaitis

ISBN: 978-0-471-04131-3 August 1983 704 Pages


A thorough introduction to balance equation concepts. Geared for the course offered to chemical engineering majors in their sophomore year. Develops a framework for the analysis of flowsheet problem information with extensive use of degree-of-freedom analysis. Presents systematic approaches for manual and computer-aided solution of full scale balance problems. Provides a detailed development of the structure, properties, and interrelationships of species and element balances based on the algebraic view of reaction-stoichiometry and the rate of reaction concept.
Material Balances in Non-Reacting Processes.

Species Balances in Reacting Systems.

Element Balances.

Material Balances in Process Flowsheets.

Introduction to Energy Balances.

Energy Balances for Nonreacting Systems.

Energy Balances for Reacting Systems.

Material and Energy Balances in Process Flowsheets.