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Leading Through Language: Choosing Words That Influence and Inspire

Leading Through Language: Choosing Words That Influence and Inspire

Bart Egnal

ISBN: 978-1-119-08771-7

Dec 2015

256 pages

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a practical guide to cutting the jargon and speaking as a leader

Advance Praise for Leading Through Language

"Leaders at all levels have to be able to communicate their ideas with confidence, passion and clarity. The Humphrey Group's methodology—set out in this book—has helped leaders at Goldcorp develop this crucial skill set."
—Charles A. Jeannes, President and Chief Executive Officer, Goldcorp

"At RBC we want our leaders to be able to influence and inspire through communication. Bart and The Humphrey Group understand how to teach this important ability with clear, practical guidance, and have been instrumental in the development of our leaders."
—Susan Uchida, Vice President, Learning, RBC Royal Bank

"The higher up in an organization you rise, the more important your ability to communicate becomes. If you are an executive already or aspire to be one at some point down the line, you need to be deliberate about the messages you share and the words you use to share them. This book will help you do both."
—Chuck M. Fallon, Chief Executive Officer, FirstService Residential

"We often underestimate the physiological response our language can generate within a listener. Whether you want to inspire someone or deliver feedback, it is essential to choose your words with care so your message can be received in an emotionally-sensitive manner. This book explains how to do so."
—Jorina Elbers, Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences, Child Neurology, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford

"Deloitte's success depends on providing our clients with clear, compelling advice they can use to make sound business decisions. The guidance in this book has strengthened my ability to convey advice to my clients with clarity and conviction."
—Michael Morrow, Partner and Senior Managing Director, M&A Advisory, Deloitte

"The most effective leaders I know are those who can translate complex ideas into easy-to-understand messages. They are clear thinkers, skip the jargon, and concisely deliver on their key messages. Leading Through Language shows how to do this every time you speak."
—Geri Prior, Chief Financial Officer, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia



Part I The Many Faces of Jargon

Introduction to Part 1: Why Does Jargon Exist and Why Should Leaders Care? 1

Chapter 1 You Must Start with Leadership 11

Chapter 2 The (Few) Benefits of Jargon 19

Chapter 3 Assumption-Based Jargon 29

Chapter 4 Inflation Jargon 43

Chapter 5 Lack-of-Clarity Jargon 55

Chapter 6 Obfuscation Jargon 67

Part II Use the Language of Leadership

Introduction to Part 2: Use the Language of Leadership 77

Chapter 7 Adopt the Leader’s Mindset 83

Chapter 8 Script Yourself as a Leader 91

Chapter 9 Use the Language of Leadership 101

Chapter 10 The Language of Leadership Is . . . Visionary 109

Chapter 11 The Language of Leadership Is . . . Audience-Centric 117

Chapter 12 The Language of Leadership Is . . . Jargon-Free 129

Chapter 13 The Language of Leadership Is . . . Authentic 139

Chapter 14 The Language of Leadership Is . . . Passionate 147

Chapter 15 The Language of Leadership Is . . . Confident 157

Chapter 16 The Language of Leadership Is . . . Positive 167

Chapter 17 The Language of Leadership Is ...Direct 177

Chapter 18 The Language of Leadership Is . . . Concise 187

Chapter 19 The Language of Leadership Is . . . Professional 197

Chapter 20 The Language of Leadership Uses . . . Rhetoric 207