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Leading for Organisational Change: Building Purpose, Motivation and Belonging


CAD $17.99

Leading for Organisational Change: Building Purpose, Motivation and Belonging

Jennifer Emery

ISBN: 978-1-119-51798-6 March 2019 320 Pages


"Written by a lawyer, you'd expect this book to be impeccably researched, evidence-based, and brilliantly argued. What you might not expect is a story with so much heart. Emery's examination of leading organisational change, both rigorous and romantic, will show you how to effect change and create the desire to make it happen."
Richard Hytner, Adjunct Professor of Marketing, London Business School and founder of beta baboon


Leading for Organisational Change???presents a different, transparent and unifying approach to overcoming the challenges and embracing the opportunities that come during times of significant change.

Often, people's response to the uncertainty that comes with change is to take control with more rules, policies and reporting. However, the evidence here suggests a more successful approach requires letting go, opening up and influencing behaviour by inspiring hearts and minds. Through a flexible seven-theme approach, you can take action to stimulate individuals and organisations to thrive by focusing on people, culture and clarity of purpose.

With this breakthrough new resource, you can

  • Get an insider's look at how this inspiring new approach works in practice during major change projects.
  • Discover how to tailor communications with tact to define and promote a shared purpose.
  • Unlock the power of storytelling to bring people from different organisations together into a team.

During your next merger, integration or other major change programme, use this warm and perceptive guide to help you unlock the human potential in your organisation using the latest thinking in neuroscience, psychology and business.

Introduction 1

Part One: Foundation 13

1 Once Upon a Time 15

2 The Angel in the Marble 21

3 Milk and Mushrooms 33

4 Telling Stories 39

5 Everything Must Change 45

Part Two: Story 59

6 Beginnings 61

7 Starting Out 77

8 Making It Happen 97

Part Three: Because 119

9 Belonging 121

10 Evolution 141

11 Confidence 159

12 Agility 179

13 Understanding 201

14 Simplicity 223

15 Energy 245

Part Four: Implications 265

16 The Bigger Picture 267

17 The Best Thing You Can Bring is Heart 279

Bibliography 289

Acknowledgements 297

About the Author 299

Index 301