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Learn HTML and CSS with w3Schools

Learn HTML and CSS with w3Schools


ISBN: 978-0-470-61195-1

May 2010

240 pages

CAD $35.99

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A fast, simple tutorial from the leading Web developer instruction site is the number one online education source for beginning Web developers. This book packages W3Schools content in an attractive two-color design that gets beginning Web developers and designers up and running with the core Web development technologies. To-the-point tutorials with clear examples and simple explanations give novices the knowledge they need to get going with confidence.

  • W3Schools is the top Google search result for instruction on HTML, CSS, and other key Web technologies; this book presents W3Schools tutorials in an easy-to-follow format for quick learning
  • Features a thorough reference section for easy review of such items as lists of tags, attributes, and symbols
  • Covers elements and attributes, headings and paragraphs, formatting and styles, links and images, tables, lists, forms, colors, fonts, frames, entities, head and meta, style sheets, style tags, and more

Designed to get beginning Web developers up and running as quickly as possible, Learn HTML and CSS with W3Schools presents a proven, highly focused course of instruction in an easy-to-use format.

Section I: HTML Basic.

Chapter 1: HTML Getting Started.

Chapter 2: HTML Fundamentals.

Chapter 3: HTML Elements.

Chapter 4: HTML Attributes.

Chapter 5: HTML Headings, Rules, & Comments.

Chapter 6: HTML Paragraphs.

Chapter 7: HTML Text Formatting.

Chapter 8: HTML Styles.

Chapter 9: HTML Links.

Chapter 10: HTML Images.

Chapter 11: HTML Tables.

Chapter 12: HTML Lists.

Chapter 13: HTML Forms & Input.

Chapter 14: HTML Color.

Chapter 15: HTML 4.01 Quick List.

Section II: HTML/CSS Advanced.

Chapter 16: HTML Layout.

Chapter 17: HTML Frames.

Chapter 18: HTML Fonts.

Chapter 19: Why Use HTML 4.0?

Chapter 20: HTML CSS Styles.

Chapter 21: HTML Character Entities.

Chapter 22: HTML Head & Meta Elements.

Chapter 23: HTML Uniform Resource Locators.

Chapter 24: HTML Scripts.

Chapter 25: HTML Standard Attributes.

Chapter 26: HTML Event Attributes.

Chapter 27: HTML URL Encoding.

Chapter 28: Turn Your PC Into a Web Server.

Section III: Appendixes.

Appendix A: HTML 4.01 1.0 Reference.

Appendix B: HTML Standard Attributes.

Appendix C: HTML Standard Event Attributes.

Appendix D: HTML Elements and Valid Doctypes.

Appendix E: HTML Character Sets.

Appendix F: HTML ASCII Reference.

Appendix G: HTML ISO-8859-1 Reference.

Appendix H: Symbol Entities Reference.

Appendix I: HTML URL Encoding Reference.