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Narrative Inquiry: Experience and Story in Qualitative Research


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Narrative Inquiry: Experience and Story in Qualitative Research

D. Jean Clandinin, F. Michael Connelly

ISBN: 978-0-787-97276-9 August 2004 Jossey-Bass 240 Pages


"The literature on narrative inquiry has been, until now, widely scattered and theoretically incomplete. Clandinin and Connelly have created a major tour de force. This book is lucid, fluid, beautifully argued, and rich in examples. Students will find a wealth of arguments to support their research, and teaching faculty will find everything they need to teach narrative inquiry theory and methods."--Yvonna S. Lincoln, professor, Department of Educational Administration, Texas A&M University

Understanding experience as lived and told stories--also known as narrative inquiry--has gained popularity and credence in qualitative research. Unlike more traditional methods, narrative inquiry successfully captures personal and human dimensions that cannot be quantified into dry facts and numerical data.

In this definitive guide, Jean Clandinin and Michael Connelly draw from more than twenty years of field experience to show how narrative inquiry can be used in educational and social science research. Tracing the origins of narrative inquiry in the social sciences, they offer new and practical ideas for conducting fieldwork, composing field notes, and conveying research results. Throughout the book, stories and examples reveal a wide range of narrative methods. Engaging and easy to read, Narrative Inquiry is a practical resource from experts who have long pioneered the use of narrative in qualitative research.

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The Authors


1 Why Narrative? 1

2 Thinking Narratively: A Case at the Boundaries 21

3 Thinking Narratively: Reductionistic and Formalistic Boundaries 34

4 What Do Narrative Inquirers Do? 48

5 Being in the Field: Walking into the Midst of Stories 63

6 From Field to Field Texts: Being in a Place of Stories 80

7 Composing Field Texts 92

8 From Field Texts to Research Texts: Making Meaning of Experience 119

9 Composing Research Texts 138

10 Persistent Concerns in Narrative Inquiry 169

Epilogue 187

References 191

Index 199

  • A solid book on an established qualitative research method
  • Provides new and practical techniques in an accessible tone
  • Uses narrative and concrete examples to teach this "study of lives and how they are lived"