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No More Sleepless Nights, Revised Edition


CAD $23.99

No More Sleepless Nights, Revised Edition

Peter Hauri, Shirley Linde

ISBN: 978-0-471-14904-0 August 1996 304 Pages


In this sensible, simple-to-follow workbook, based on the acclaimedNo More Sleepless Nights program, one of the world's leadinginsomnia experts gives you the tools to be your own sleeptherapist. Filled with interactive quizzes, sleep logs, andself-evaluation exercises, which may be used in conjunction withthe patented Sleep Timer, the workbook will help you uncover theunderlying cause of your own sleep problem, and then put together apersonalized action plan for getting a good night's rest.

With advice on improving sleep hygiene and diet, the rightexercise, relaxation techniques, and more, No More SleeplessNights Workbook helps you conquer your own poor sleep rightnow. More importantly, it equips you to beat it again if it everreturns to disturb your dreams.

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Many Suffer, Few Are Treated.

The Facts About Sleep.

What Kind of Insomniac Are You?

Keeping a Sleep Log.

Three Things Every Insomniac Should Do.

The Room You Sleep In.

Getting into the Right Frame of Mind.

Bedtime Relaxation Techniques.

Learn to Manage Your Stress All Day.

Make Your Diet Work for Your Sleep.

Make Exercise Work for Your Sleep.

Resetting Your Sleep Clock.

Night Work, Jet Lag, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Medical Causes.

How to Kick the Sleeping Pill Habit.

Other Sleep Disorders.

When You Need Further Help.