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Organosilicon Chemistry: Novel Approaches and Reactions



CAD $268.50

Organosilicon Chemistry: Novel Approaches and Reactions

Tamejiro Hiyama, Martin Oestreich

ISBN: 978-3-527-34453-6 October 2019 504 Pages

CAD $268.50


Provides a unique summary of important catalytic reactions in the presence of silicon

A must-have for all synthetic chemists, this book summarizes all of the important developments in the application of organosilicon compounds in organic synthesis and catalysis. Edited by two world leaders in the field, it describes different approaches and covers a broad range of reactions, e.g. catalytic generation of silicon nucleophiles, Si-H Bond activation, C-H bond silylation, silicon-based cross-coupling reactions, and hydrosilylation in the presence of earth-abundant metals.

In addition to the topics covered above, Organosilicon Chemistry: Novel Approaches and Reactions features chapters that look at Lewis base activation of silicon Lewis acids, silylenes as ligands in catalysis, and chiral silicon molecules.

-The first book about this topic in decades, covering a broad range of reactions
-Covers new approaches and novel catalyst systems that have been developed in recent years
-Written by well-known, international experts in the areas of organometallic silicon chemistry and organosilicon cross-coupling reactions

Organosilicon Chemistry: Novel Approaches and Reactions is an indispensable source of information for synthetic chemists in academia and industry, working in the field of organic synthesis, catalysis, and main-group chemistry.
1) Catalytic Generation of Nucleophilic Silicon
2) Si-H Bond Activation by Main-Group Lewis Acids
3) Si-H Bond Activation by Transition-Metal Lewis Acids
4) Cooperative Si-H Bond Activation
5) Silicon-Based Lewis Acids in Catalysis
6) Transition-Metal-Catalyzed C-H Bond Silylation
7) Transition-Metal-Free C-H Bond Silylation
8) Silyl-Heck, Silyl-Negishi, and Related Reactions
9) Silicon-Based Cross-Coupling Reactions
10) Lewis-Base Activation of Lewis Acids
11) Hydrosilylation Catalyzed by Base Metals
12) Silylenes as Ligands in Catalysis
13) Kinetic Resolution and Desymmetrization by Enantioselective Alcohol Silylation
14) Transfer Hydrosilylation
15) Silicon-Stereogenic Silanes