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Reed-Solomon Codes and Their Applications


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Reed-Solomon Codes and Their Applications

Stephen B. Wicker (Editor), Vijay K. Bhargava (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-780-35391-6 September 1999 Wiley-IEEE Press 336 Pages


Electrical Engineering/Communications/Information Theory "The Berlekamp article alone will make this book worth having." —David Forney, Vice President, Motorola Codex Reed-Solomon Codes and Their Applications Edited by Stephen B. Wicker, Georgia Institute of Technology and Vijay K. Bhargava, University of Victoria On the Voyager spacecraft, they were responsible for sending clear pictures of the planets back to earth. They have also played a key role in the digital audio revolution. They are Reed-Solomon error codes: the extremely powerful codes that provide critical error control for many different types of digital communications systems. This outstanding collection of thirteen original articles written by leading researchers in the field provides a uniquely comprehensive overview of the history and practical applications—some never before published—of these important codes. Key features include:
  • Thirteen original articles from leading researchers in the field, with a historical overview by Reed and Solomon
  • An explanation of how Reed-Solomon codes were used in the Voyager spacecraft and how they are currently used in the compact disc player
  • Specific applications for digital audio, data transfer over mobile radio, satellite communications, spread spectrum systems, and more
  • New techniques for improving the performance of your own communications systems
This book will be of interest to design and research engineers in the telecommunications field, particularly those in the aerospace/satellite and mobile radio industries. It is also well-suited for use as an advanced-level textbook on the subject of error control coding. Books of Related Interest from IEEE Press Clauide Elwood Shannon: Collected Papers Edited by N. J. A. Sloane and A. D. Wyner. AT&T Bell Labs The first published collection of papers by Claude E. Shannon, including his seminal article "The Mathematical Theory of Communication." 1993 Hardcover 968 pp IEEE Order Number PC0331-9 ISBN 0-7803-0434-9 Multiple Access Communications: Foundations for Emerging Technologies Edited by Norman Abramson, University of Hawaii at Manoa The first book to explain the connection between spread spectrum and ALOHA channels, providing a collection of key developments in the theory and practice of multiple user communications channels. 1993 Hardcover 528pp IEEE Order Number PC0287-3 ISBN 0-87942-292-0

An Introduction to Reed-Solomon Codes (S. Wicker and V. Bhargava).

Reed-Solomon Codes: A Historical Overview (I. Reed and G. Solomon).

Reed-Solomon Codes and the Exploration of the Solar System (R. McEliece and L. Swanson).

Reed-Solomon Codes and the Compact Disc (K. Immink).

Algorithms and Architectures for the Design of a VLSI Reed-Solomon Codes (A. Hasan, et al.).

Soft Decision Deconding of Reed-Solomon Codes (A. Cooper, III).

Reed-Solomon Codes in Hybrid Automatic Repeat-Request Protocols (S. Wicker and M. Bartz).

Reed-Solomon Codes in Frequency-Hop Communications (M. Pursley).

Reed-Solomon Codes and the Design of Sequences for Spread-Spectrum Multiple-Access Communications (D. Sarwate).

A Hypersystolic Reed-Solomon Decoder (E. Berlekamp, et al.).

Matching Viterbi Decoders and Reed-Solomon Decoders in a Concatenated System (J. Hagenauer, et al.).

RS-Based Unidirectional Byte Error-Control Codes Perform Better Than RS Codes (Y. Saitoh and H. Imai).

Reed-Solomon and Algebraic Geometry Codes (T. Yaghoobian and I. Blake).


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