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Solving Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies


CAD $17.99

Solving Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies

Denise Sutherland

ISBN: 978-1-118-30525-6 October 2012 216 Pages


Master the cryptic crossword at any difficulty level

Even experienced crossword solvers struggle with cryptics. Solving Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies helps all crossword lovers — from casual to expert — master the feats of mental gymnastics required to conquer these puzzles. Packed with clear explanations, helpful hints and practice grids, this book explains how to approach cryptic crosswords in a clear and logical manner.

  • Learn the basics — discover how to decipher the common types of cryptic clues
  • Find hidden messages with ease — become a master at uncovering disguised solutions
  • Understand the importance of anagrams — find out how to decode anagram clues
  • Put your new-found skills to use — test yourself with plenty of practice puzzles covering all difficulty levels
  • Incorporate letter-gathering — decipher abbreviations and other bits and pieces
  • Explore different international puzzles — understand the variations in puzzles from around the globe

Open the book and find:

  • Information on the mental benefits of solving cryptic crosswords
  • Tips on how to identify different kinds of clues
  • Worked examples and clear explanations
  • Practice clues and grids for all levels of experience
  • Hints to help you on your way if you're stuck
  • Reference lists to help you decipher the cryptic code

Learn to:

  • Solve different kinds of cryptic crossword clues
  • Graduate from easy to medium to difficult cryptic crosswords
  • Keep your brain fit and healthy
  • Complete cryptic crosswords with confidence!
Introduction 1

Part I: Diving Into the World of Cryptic Crosswords 5

Chapter 1: Introducing Cryptic Crosswords 7

Chapter 2: Untangling Anagrams 23

Chapter 3: Charade Clues: Piecing Together Linked Words  33

Chapter 4: Putting Words Inside Words 45

Chapter 5: Using Subtraction 53

Chapter 6: Examining Reversals 61

Chapter 7: Decoding Homophones 69

Chapter 8: Interpreting Double Definitions 79

Chapter 9: Revealing Hidden Words 89

Chapter 10: Letter Gathering: Abbreviations and Other Oddments 97

Chapter 11: Enjoying Cryptics Around the Globe 111

Part II: Sample Cryptic Crosswords 119

Chapter 12: Easy Peasy Cryptics 121

Chapter 13: Challenging Cryptics 139

Chapter 14: Treacherous Cryptics 149

Part III: Hints and Answers 159

Chapter 15: Hints 161

Chapter 16: Answers 167

Part IV: The Part of Tens 173

Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Being a Better Solver 175

Chapter 18: Ten (Plus Two!) Puzzling Resources 181

Appendix: Word Lists 187

Appedix B: Blank Crossword Grids